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Chinese "Yuan Shih Kai" 1-Yuan Silver Coin

ROC 1914 silver coin

This coin minted in the third year of the Republic of China (1914) has the portrait of the first Chinese president Yuan Shih.

At the issue, it was meant to replace the popular Mexican trade silver dollar and the Qing Dragon dollar. Later the "Yuan Shih Kai" silver dollars were trusted by the Chinese populace and were widely circulated. The coins were struck several times between 1914 and 1922; some provinces minted the "Yuen Shih Kai" coin with slightly different versions.

The national coins were first minted by the Tientsin Mint and then by the Wuchang, Nanking, Kwangtung and Hangcchow mints. This common coin can be the one of the most minted silver coins in the history, may be about 300 millions. In the early days of the People Republic of China, the coins were even allowed in the circulation when the communists took over China.

26.4 gram, 0.89 silver, 39 mm diameter, 1914 year
Condition: Extreme fine (EF or XF)
Price: XX0.00 each (stock - 11 coins available)

China Sin Yat Sen 1-Yuan Silver Coin

ROC 1934 silver coin 1934 year, mintage - 128,740,000
26.7 gram, 39 mm diameter, 3 mm thickness, silver content - 0.88

Brilliant condition; uncirculated to extremely fine

Price: C$495 each (stock - 10 coins available)

China Sin Yat Sen Nickel Coins

Half Yuan Coin
ROC half-yuan coin  ROC half-yuan coin
( g); mm (dia), mm (thickness), VF, Price: C$each

ROC fen coins     Five to Twenty Fens (From left to right)

    Year 27 (1938), 20 fens, nickel, magnetic, 24mm
        uncirculated - Price: C$14.50 each
    Year 25 (1936), 10 fens, nickel, magnetic, 4.5g 21mm,
        mintage 72.8M (American mint), uncirculated - Price:C$9.35 each
    Year 30 (1941), 10 fens, nickel copper, non-magnetic,
        8.2g 21mm, mintage 254M, XF - Price: C$7 each
    Year 25 (1936), 5 fens, nickel, magnetic, 17mm,
        uncirculated - Price: C$5 each

Ching Dynasty Copper Coins

Ching copper coins  Ching copper coins
( g); mm (dia), mm (thickness), VF, Price: C$each

Hong Kong Coins

Hong Kong - King Edward VII, 1 cent Coin
HK 1905 1 cent  HK 1905 1 cent
( g); mm (dia), mm (thickness), VF, Price: C$each

Hong Kong - Emperor of India, 1 cent Coins
HK 1931,34,38 1 cent  HK 1931,34,38 1 cent
Left to right: KG V (1931), KG V (1934), KG VI (1938)
219, 219, 204 mm (dia), VF, Price: C$each

HK cent coins     King George VI cent
    From left to right
    (1949), 10-cent, 206mm dia, XF - Price: US$0 each
    (1951), 50-cent, 235mm dia, XF - Price: US$0 each
    (1949),  5-cent, 165mm dia, XF - Price: US$0 each

American Silver Dollars

Silver Eagle Dollar (Bullion), 1 dollar
silver dollar front  silver dollar back
Design: 1986 - present
1 troy ounce (31.1 g); 40.6 mm (dia), 2.98 mm (thickness), fine silver (99.9%)
Uncirculated or Mint State (dealer direct shipment from US Mint)

Stock - 20 x 2008 (1 tube), 10 x 2010, 2 x 2009, 1 x 2007, 1 x 2002
Price: C$34.75 each (US$ = 1.41C$ average in April 2020)

UK Coins

English Penny
1963, 1 penny  1963, 1 penny
Queen ELizabeth (1963) Half Penny, copper
254 mm (dia),15.7 mm (thickness), XF, Price: C$each

new pence 2  new pence 2
Queen ELizabeth, New Pence 2, copper
259 mm (dia),19.0 mm (thickness), VF, Price: C$each

Ne  Folder 1
Ne  Folder 2
2002 Gold Jubliee Crown of Queen ELizabeth II, cupro-nickel coin
28.28g, 38.61mm dia, brillant uncirculated, with folder
Price: C$xx each

Australian Coins

AU year of mice  AU year of mice
AU year of mice  AU year of mice w/box
2008 Lunar Silver Coin Series II, Year-of-the-Mouse
4 1-oz proof bullion coins, brillanr, gilded & coloured, with box
Perth Mint, 31.135g, 45.10mm dia, 2.60mm thickness
Price: C$160 (1 set)

Canadian Coins

coin & stamps
    2011 Royal Wedding Stamps & Coin Collection
    Prince William of Wales & Miss Catherine Middleton

    Wedding on 2011/4/29 at Westminster Abbey in UK

    25-cent coloured coin
    2 $1.75 stamps, stamped on day of issue on 2011/4/29

    Price: $40 (1 set)



Cdn 2 dollar

US 1 silver dollar

China 5 yuan

Price: C$XX.XX

Wooden Items

  Wood Dolphin

    New finish

    Price: C$10.00

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