Elizabeth Rice Brown 's Inventory & Appraisement of Slaves - 1855

Copiah County, Mississippi
Transcribed by Linda Durr Rudd

  1. A Negro Woman Slave named MARY aged 25 years 925.00
  2. Negro Infant Child named BIRTY aged 1 week 100.00
  3. Negro Woman Slave named EMELINE aged 32 years 850.00
  4. Negro Girl Slave named ANN aged 10 years 600.00
  5. Negro Boy Slave named GEORGE aged 6 years 400.00
  6. Negro BOY Slave named WILLIAM aged 2 years 300.00
  7. Negro Woman Slave named ELIZA aged 30 years 950.00
  8. Negro Girl Slave named AMANDA aged 8 years 500.00
  9. Negro Boy Slave named DICK aged 5 years 375.00
  10. Negro Boy Slave named DUKE aged 9 months 200.00
  11. Negro Man Slave named SINK aged 40 years 1200.00
    Albert Sinclair
  12. Negro Boy Slave named DAVE aged 18 years 1200.00
    He may be my 2nd great grandfather Dave Overton Brown.
    He left the plantation following the Union soldiers and never returned home.
    Dave married Alice Demyers
  13. Negro Man Slave named WELDON aged 35 years 1150.00
    Weldon married Emma Demyers
  14. Negro Woman Slave named KISIAH aged 38 years 800.00
    Kisiah Sinclair, Albert's Wife
  15. Negro Boy Slave named ISAIAH aged 12 years 900.00
    Isaiah Sinclair, Albert's Son
    Isaiah married Margaret Demyers
  16. Negro Boy Slave named JIM aged 10 years 700.00
    James Sinclair, Albert's Son
    James married Eliza Sims
  17. Negro Girl Slave named LOUISA aged 7 years 550.00
    Louisa Sinclair, Albert's Daughter
    Louisa married Lawrence Demyers
  18. Negro Boy Slave named ARCHY aged 3 years 300.00
    Archy Sinclair, Albert's Son


To daughter Nancy C. P. Hume:
ELIZA and her two children AMANDA and DICK;
EMELINE and her four children, ANN, GEORGE, ALBERT, and WILLIAM

To son Hezekiah G. D. Brown:
SINCLAIR, his wife KISIAH and their children; ISAIAH, JIM, LOUISE, reserving ARCHY their youngest child for the singular use and bequest of grandson Joseph Brown, son of Hezekiah Brown

Elizabeth Rice was born 12 Apr 1787 in Union District SC. She married Joseph Brown 29 March 1810. They moved to Copiah County, MS, between 1821 and 1824. She died 17 Nov 1855.
From Research Notes of Beverley Ballantine


Elizabeth Brown's Copiah County Probate Court Case - Microfilm Number: 8183
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