Sergeant Ryal Blue of the 6th Regiment, United States Colored Heavy Artillery

Researched by Linda Durr Rudd

Ryal was born about 1839 in Jefferson County, Mississippi, to Fielding/Phelon and Miley Blue in Jefferson County, Mississippi. He had at least one sister, Ellen. He was described as 5 feet 8 inches tall with brown eyes, black hair and yellow complexion.

Ryal enlisted with Company I, 6th Regiment, United States Colored Heavy Artillery on 08 Dec 1863 at Natchez. He was promoted Corporal 14 Jan 1864, and appointed Sergeant 11 Oct 1865. He mustered out at Natchez 13 May 1866.

Ryal died 20 Aug 1869, without a will. Jeff Blanton applied to be administrator of his small personal estate, which was his bounty money of $160. Jeff claimed that Ryal owed him $160. Jeff stated that Ryal's parents were elderly and sickly and that the parents desired that Jeff be appointed the administrator, which the Court granted.

According to the 1870 federal census of Rodney, Jefferson County, Jeff's household consisted of Jeff, Ellen Blue who was 18 years old and a 3 year old Jeff, Jr. A marriage record between Jeff and Ellen was not found.


Jefferson County Probate Cases
Case Number: D-287
November 01, 1869

To the Honorable James M Ellis, Judge of the Probate Court of Jefferson County State of Mississippi.

The Petition of Jeff Blanton of said County respectfully shows that about the 20th day of August last Ryal Blue late of said county departed this life leaving no will so far as your petition knows or believes. That said intestate died entitled to a small personal estate consisting of about one hundred sixty dollars in money due to said intestate by the United States government for bounty which said sum of money is not in the Bank of Vicksburg subject to the order of the administrator of said intestate.

Your petitioner shows further that said decedent is indebted to several persons in small amounts the aggregate of which your petitioner is not informed. That the said deceased in his life time became indebted to your petitioner in the sum of one hundred sixty dollars primary loaned & doctor bills paid which said sum of money remained due and unpaid at the time of the death of the said deceased and still remain unpaid. And your petitioner is informed and believes it to be true that the amount due your petitioner is by far the largest claim against the Estate of the said deceased and by reason thereof your petitioner shows that he is more duly interested in the distribution of the said Estate then any other person.

And the petition further shows that said intestate left a mother Miley Blue and a father Fielding Blue and a sister Ellen Blue who is at the time a minor. That your petitioner is informed that decedent has no other next of kin residing in the state which he ? believes. That the said father & mother of said decedent are aged & infirm and unable to attend to the administration of their son estate & desire that your petitioner should be appointed administrator.

That sixty days has now elapsed since the death of said decedent and no person as your petitioner is informed has made application per letters of administration upon said Estate. Your petitioner moved by his interest in the distribution of the assets of said Estate therefore prays that letters of administration may be granted to him upon said Estate upon his entering into bond in such sum as it may please your honor to direct with G. S. Jones and

When he hereby tenders as securities believing them sufficient in the promises and upon his taking the oath prescribed by law in this belief.

Any your petitioner, as is duty bound will ever pray

Sworn to and subscribed before me the 1st day of November AD 1868
JM Ellis, Judge
Jeff his x mark Blanton


Ryal Blue's Freedman Bank Record
1870 Federal Census - Jefferson County - MS
Jefferson County Probate Case Number: D-287
Microfilm Number: 12210
Compiled Military Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers who Served with the United States Colored Troops - 6th US Colored Heavy Artillery: Baseman, Jerry - Bracton, John
Microfilm Number: 39138
Microfilms found at Mississippi Department of Archives and History

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