T. B. and Mary Shaw's Bill of Sales of Slaves ~ 1847, 1854 & 1859

Researched and Transcribed by Linda Durr Rudd

Thompson Breckenridge Shaw and Mary Shaw's first born son was William Shaw who was born 12 Jan 1819 in Jefferson County, MS. In 1847, T. B. Shaw sold his son William seven slaves for the sum of $4000. William's mother Mary released her rights and interest in the seven slaves in 1854, after the death of her husband T. B. Shaw. In 1859, Nancy, a slave, was sold to William from his mother.

William Shaw was born 12 Jan 1819 in Jefferson County, MS. He married Mary Ann McLaurin, daughter of Peter and Margaret McLaurin, 23 Feb 1847 in Copiah County, MS. He died 06 Oct 1882 in Jefferson County, MS. Mary Ann died 22 May 1894 in Jefferson County, MS. Both are buried in the Union Church Cemetery in Union Church, Jefferson County, MS.

William owned 53 slaves per the 1860 Jefferson County Slave Schedule. Two slaves of William were named as servant members of Union Church Presbyterian Church.

Received January the 29 1847 of Wm Shaw of Jefferson County Mississippi the sum of four thousand dollars in full consideration for the following named slaves to wit - SAM aged about twenty five years GEORGE aged about twenty three years ABRAM aged about nineteen years old ALFRED aged about seventeen years old TOM aged about thirty years old and AMY his wife aged about twenty years old and ELIJAH aged about fourteen months all of which slaves I do warrant sound except TOM whose health I do not warrant.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand seal

T. B. Shaw (Seal)

W. A. Killingsworth, Witness
R. B. Rickett, Witness


I Mary Shaw widow of Thompson B. Shaw deceased for and in consideration of the love I have for my son William as well as in consideration expressed in the foregoing receipt of bill of sale do viz more ? into fully and absolute ratify and confirm the foregoing receipt for said sum of $4000 - and bill of sale of certain negroes therein named and I futher release and assign in consideration foresaid all of my rights title and interest unto the said William Shaw of in and to the said negroes slaves to wit, SAM, GEORGE, ABRAM, ALFRED, TOM, AMY and ELIJA to same being sold to the said William in consideration of services rendered viz ? on the plantation on which I now reside as overseer thereon. In witness whereof I warrant my hand and seal this 3 day of July A. D. 1854

Mary Shaw (Seal)
Bill Sale of Slaves


February 10th 1859

Received of William Shaw twelve hundred dollars in full for a negro woman named NANCY aged about nineteen years of black complexion. I warrant the above named woman sound in body and mind and a slave for life. I bind myself, administrators, and executors to defend the title to said negro against all other claims or claimants whatsoever as witness my hand and seal this 10th day of February 1859.

Mary Shaw


Living near William Shaw in 1870 possibly were four of the above named former slaves and their families. The ages of 1847 closely matches with the ages of 1870, twenty three years later. Listed below is additional information about these families.

All Census Records - 1870 - Jefferson County, Union Church, MS - Page 26
Saml Shaw, 48 - Ceiley, 30 - Elvie, 14 - Melissa, 10 - Mary, 8 - Minerva, 7 - Merryman Howard, 11 months
George, 46 - Martha, 25 - Alex, 16 - Rena, 12 - Nelson, 11 - Dudley, 8 - Frozina, 4 - Elenora, 3 - Harrison, 11 months
Abr, 39 - Sallie, 26 - Linda, 10 - Melvin, 8 - Gabriel, 6 - Mariah, 2 - Frozina, 4 - Jennie, 76
Alfred, 37 - Sarah, 26 - Martha, 19 - Charlie, 11 - Jane, 13 - Alice, 3 - Mary E., 3

All marriages occurred in Jefferson County, MS. - Jefferson County Marriage Project
Elva Shaw m. Wesley Reed 13 Jan 1871
Melissa Shaw m. Jesse Thomas 30 Nov 1882
Alex Primus m. George Ann Thompson
Alexander Primus m. Mary Jackson 02 Oct 1886
Dudley Primus m. Nancy Spencer 17 Nov 1879
Elnora Primus m. James Jackson 20 Dec 1884
Nelson Primus m. Nancy Nichols 06 Feb 1880
Rena Primus m. Joseph Reed 25 June 1880
Abram Bradley m. Sarah Eckley 22 May 1867
Alfred Bradley m. Sarah Ruo 04 Feb 1878
Charly Bradley m. Melissa Hill 22 May 1881
Gabe Bradley m. Emily Coleman 20 Oct 1887
Malinda Bradley m. Jacob Cox 23 Nov 1878
Mary Bradley m. James Thompson 02 Aug 1885
Melvin Bradley m. Sallie Snyder 21 Jan 1882


Shaw (Thompson B.) - McCallum Papers
From Special Collections of Mitchell Memorial Library
Mississippi State University
Union Church Presbyterian Church Session Records, 1820-1998 by Linda Durr Rudd

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