John Mitchell's Deed of Gift - 1852

Remembering Their Names
Extracted by Linda Durr Rudd

"Old Miss was old and not very strong. One morning we got the news she done died. I never will forget that funeral, cause I aint never seed one like it. Instead of burying her in the ground like all folks is buried, they buried her in something what looked like a big brick wall." Ex-Slave, Sally Dixon of Mississippi

John Mitchell to John I. Mitchell
Received and Filed for Record the 22nd Day of April A.D. 1852

This indenture made and entered into the twenty second day of April A.D. 1852 by and between John Mitchell, of the first part and John Irvin Mitchell of the second part, all of the county of Jefferson and state of Mississippi...

...also the following named and described slaves to wit, WILLIAM aged about 16, SUCKY 55, HENSON 16, SARAH 12, CREECY 7, ALLEN 6, SIDNEY 37, COELY 18, CAROLINE 15, BLUFORD 12, ANDERSON 14, DANIEL 9, WILLIS 10, CELIA 20, ELIZA 4, EMELINE 3, CYNTHIA 25, ELIE 10, MARY JANE 9, CHARITY 8, MARIAH 4, CYRUS 24, GEORGE 25, BEN 20, FANNY 24, WATSON 15, ALLY 12, JOSHUA 10, ELLEN 4, EMANUEL 3, JOSHUA 19, LEVI 18, JAMES 17, MARY 25, RAMSEY 6, MORRIS 25, HIRAM 20, SMITH 1 year, PETER 18, ALFY 16, BETSY 10, FRANCES 3 months, FRANK 3 months, ABBY ANN 3 months, EDWARD 5 years...

Sidney Mitchell Smith was the mother of William, Cally(Coley), Caroline, Edny, Bluford, Anderson, Dainel, and Willis. Sucky was the mother of Sidney. All of Sidney's sons served with the United States Colored Troops during the Civil War. Read more about Sidney and her children.

Mary Mitchell Whalem was the mother of Eddy/Atty/Alfy who also served with the USCT. Mary was a daughter of Suckey and sister to Sidney. Read more about Eddy and Mary.

William, Caroline and Edny were listed as members of Union Church Presbyterian Church on the servants membership list. Other slaves of Mitchell were also members of UCPC.

John Mitchell was a member of the Union Church Presbyterian Church in Union Church, Jefferson County, MS. He died February 22, 1859 in Jefferson County, MS. John left his estate to his two children, John Irvin Mitchell and Sarah (Sallie) Mitchell McMillan. He left his daughter slaves in his 1852 will.


Jefferson County Deeds - Book H - Page 217
Microfilm Number: 12013
Union Church Presbyterian Church Sessions Records, 1849-1951
Microfilm Number: 36274
Microfilms found at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Private Anderson Mitchell of the 58th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry
Private Eddy Mitchell of the 6th Regiment, United States Colored Heavy Artillery

John Mitchell's 1852 Will
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Remembering Their Names