The Inventory and Appraisement of Reuben McLemore's Slaves ~ 1861

Copiah County, Mississippi
January 05, 1861

Remembering the Slaves of Reuben McLemore
Extracted by Linda Durr Rudd

negro man WILLIAM and woman CAROLINE -- $200
negro woman NANCY and three children, JACOB, CAROLINE and HENRETTA -- $3000
negro boy PETER -- $1300
three negro girls MARIAH JANE, MARIAH FRANCES and child AMANDA -- $1800
negro woman ROSE -- $600

Note: According to the 1860 Copiah County Slave Schedule, McLemore owned 5 slaves. Caroline was named and listed as being 100 years of age.


Copiah County Probate Records
Microfilm Number: 8227
1860 Copiah County Slave Schedule
Microfilm found at Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

Remembering Their Names