Milly McLean's Deposition

1873 Deposition of Milly McLean in the Southern Claims File of
Maria Catherine McLean Buie
Jefferson County, Mississippi
October 29, 1873
Transcribed by Linda Durr Rudd

Milly was a slave of Mariah Watson McLean. Milly was given to Mariah in 1839 via John Watson's deed of gift. John Watson was Mariah McLean's father, and Mariah Watson McLean was the mother of claimant Mariah McLean Buie.


I am 56 years of age reside about 2 miles from Union Church town upon the Millsaps Plantation and am engaged in making a crop. During the war I lived with Mrs. McLean, mother of Mrs. Maria C. Buie. I was a slave and owned at the time by Mr. McLean. I was raised in the family and lived with them during the entire continuance of the war -- In the spring time, about the time for hoeing corn the first time, I do not recollect the year, a large lot of the Yankee soldiers who were riding horses and mules came to Mrs. McLean’s place and some of them rode through our front yard and there into the side gate of the pasture where we kept our horses and mules, and took them off with them. I was on the edge of the woods - and had a plain view of the pasture where I first heard that the Yankees were coming. I went out towards the woods - I was afraid that they would harm me - and I watched them I stopped in the woods all night - some of them stopped at the place and in the house all night - and some of them down to Union Church. When they left the next day they took off the mules - they left one broken down horse he died shortly afterwards we never worked him - I was the cook - there was a good deal of meat taken I can not tell now how much - I know that one of the mules was a grey color and the other three were a sort of a color - both of the horses were bay horses we used to plough all of our own stock - the saddle and bridle belonged to Master Allen the youngest son he was at the time in the Confederate army - the mules and horses were good and were in fine order. I do not know what they were worth nor the ages of any. There was no person on Mrs. McLean’s place at that time but herself and the black ones her three sons were in the army - they were named Allen, Calvin and John. Mrs. McLean went on powerful about her stock and said that she was broke. The mules and horses were never returned to the place while I lived there and I lived there all thro the War - I am not interested in this claim and am not now living upon the land of Mrs. McLean or Mrs. Buie

John Watson's Deed of Gift of Milly to Mariah Watson McLean

Received for Record the 6th day of January 1840

State of Mississippi
Know all men by these present that I John Watson Sen'r of Copiah County in the State aforesaid, for and in consideration of the love and good will and affection which I have for and bear to my daughter Mariah McLean the wife of Charles F. McLean of Jefferson County in the State aforesaid have given and granted unto my said daughter Mariah McLean and to the heirs of her body a negro woman named MILLY about fifteen years of age as their property absolutely and without any condition after my natural life then the said negro woman shall be the property of my said daughter and the said heirs of her body forever. Whereof I hereunto sign my name in presence of this eight day of July one thousand and eight hundred and thirty nine.

John Watson

John A. Galbreath
Jane P. Watson

Record found:
Jefferson County Deed Record Book D - Page 531
Microfilm Number: 12011
Microfilm found at Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

Federal Census for Milly McLean

1870 - Jefferson County, Union Church, MS - Page 17
Milly McLean, 60, Cook
Cupid, 23, farm laborer -wks at sawmill
Living next door to Robert and Mariah Buie.

1880 - Jefferson County, Beat 1, MS - Page 143
Milley McLean, 65, Cooking, VA
Living next door to Dougal McCormick.


NARA - Record Group 123 - United States Court of Claims - Congressional Jurisdiction - Southern Claim File of Mariah McLean Buie - Case # 2723

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