John McDaniel's 1857 Deed of Gift

Jefferson County, Mississippi
November 12th 1857
Extracted by Linda Durr Rudd

Remembering the Slaves of John McDaniel

This Indenture and Deed of Gift made and entered into on this the 12th day of November 1857 by John McDaniel of the county of Franklin in the State of Mississippi witness That for and in consideration of the natural love and affection I have for and bear to my son James H. McDaniel and my daughter Susannah E. McDaniel and wishing to provide for their future welfare in life. I Give, Grant and Deed to them jointly to their heirs in law, Subject to the payment of the several ? hereafter named and the reservation hereafter specified, to wit the following negro slaves together with all their increase Perry & MILLY a woman & CHILD, BILE a woman, FRANCES a woman & her two children LEO and CLAXON, NICY an old woman, JOHN a man, ELENER a girl, CATHERINE a girl, ELI a boy, CHARLES a man, RINDA a woman, SAMUEL a boy, DANIEL a boy, JIM a man, ANN a woman & her child SIMON, CHLOE a girl, MINERVA a girl, JANE a girl, ELIZABETH a woman & child BOB a boy, MARTHA a girl and ANGELINE a girl together with all the personal estate of every description I own with its increase...In testimony whereof I have hereinto set my hand and seal on the day and date above mentioned.

John his mark x McDaniel

James M. Jones
Wm P. Linton

JOHN MCDANIEL was born March 25, 1784 in North Carolina, and died January 27, 1885 in Franklin Co., MS, buried in the McDaniel Cemetery in Franklin County, MS. He married Elizabeth Hutchins October 02, 1810 in Georgia. The couple had one son, James H. McDaniel born about 1824 in Franklin County, MS, and a daughter Susannah E. McDaniel. James was also a physcian who treated the William Daniel Coleman family and the family's slaves prior to the Civil War.

John McDaniel owned 28 slaves in 1850, and he owned 38 slaves in 1860 per the slave schedules of Franklin County, MS.


Jefferson County Deed Book E - Page 464
Micorfilm Number: 9337
Microfilm found at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.

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