Private Calvin McCormick of the 6th Regiment, United States Colored Heavy Artillery

Calvin McCormick also known as Calvin Williams
January 02, 1847 - February 19, 1917
by Linda Durr Rudd

Sarah, a female slave of John McCormick, gave birth to a son Calvin McCormick about 1847 on John McCormick's farm near Union Church, Jefferson County, Mississippi. Calvin's father was Alfred Williams. Calvin was known as Calvin McCormick during the enslavement period. A few years after the Civil War, Calvin decided to use his father's surname, Williams.

Calvin McCormick enlisted December 18, 1863 with Company I, 6th Regiment, United States Colored Heavy Artillery. He was described as 5 feet 7 inches tall, cooper color with black hair and eyes. He served this regiment for over two years. The 6th, USCHA served at Natchez, Mississippi and Vidalia, Louisiana.

He contracted pleurisy during the winter of 1863, and again during the winter of 1864, caused by expousre to bad weather. While working on breast works, injury to the right hand incurred as the result of moving a piece of artillery. He recieved treatment in the Camp Hospital "under the hill" in Natchez. Calvin was discharged May 13, 1866 in Natchez.

Maria Crawford married Calvin McCormick July 25, 1868 in Jefferson County. The couple's children were: Dora b. March 4, 1869, Sarah b. 1871, Effie b. 1872, Maria Jane b. 1874, Quinnie b. 1877, Dock, Shackleford, Allen, Cynthia, Laura, Alice, and Georgianna.

The hand injury Calvin suffer during the War prevented him from working full time as a field hand. He also suffer with rheumatism in the knees. Calvin began requesting invalid pension in the early 1890s and was granted a pension of $6 monthly beginning in 1894. Dr. J. J. McLean of Jefferson County was his physician.

Calvin's wife Maria died February 9, 1908 or 1909. He married Lula Thomas Brown, widow of Sam Brown, December 1913 in Brookhaven, Lincoln County, MS. Both Calvin and Lula had health problems and were too sickly to care for themselves. Georgianna Williams, youngest daughter of Calvin and Maria, took care of the ailing couple. Calvin died February 19, 1917 at Montgomery, Lincoln County, MS, of Brights Disease. He was buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery in Brookhaven, Lincoln County, MS.

1870-Jefferson County, Union Church, MS - Page 24
Calvin McCormick 23, Mariah 21, Dora 1, Amy Carter, 14
1880-Jefferson County, MS-Beat 1-Page145
Calvin Williams 35, Maria, wife, 28, Dora, daughter, 10, Effie, daughter 8, Mariah, daughter, 6
1900-Jefferson County, MS-Beat 1-Page 3
Calvin Williams, 53, Maria wife, 51, Maria J., daughter, Sandy, son 18, Mary E. Greene, 17, niece, Anna, daughter 9, Quinnie, daughter 5, Artenusie Lowe, granddaughter, 7, Garvey Lowe, grandson, 5
1910-Jefferson County-Beat 1-Page 4
Calvin Williams, 64, widower, Maria, daughter, 31, Anna, daughter, 18, Quinie, daughter, 16, Ardie Lowe, granddaughter, 17, Beatrice Lowe, granddaughter, 7


Pleurisy is any pain in the chest area with each breath.
Brights Disease is chronic inflammatory disease of kidneys.


John Carmichael McCormick, son of Duncan and Katherine McCormick was born near Laurinburg, North Carolina, about the year 1797. He first married Barbara Smith, a daughter of Neill Smith of Richmond County, North Carolina, on January 11, 1825. He and his family moved to Monroe County, Mississippi, in 1832, and lived there for about one year, and then moved to Jefferson County, Mississippi, near Union Church, and purchased a large tract of land. He was engaged in farming and he lived in Jefferson County until his death on February 28, 1878. He is buried in Union Church Cemetery, Jefferson County, Mississippi.
From Nancy Brister's Web Page - The Descendants of Duncan and Katherine Carmichael McCormick

According to the 1860 Jefferson County Slave Schedule, John C. McCormick owned 9 slaves. John's son Neil S. McCormick owned 8 slaves and was the guardian of 12 slaves. Neil sold one of his slaves, Cate/Catherine, to Archibald Smith of Jefferson County, MS, in March of 186?.


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