Felix Mason's Deposition

1873 Deposition of Felix Mason in the Southern Claims File of
Mariah Catherine McLean Buie
Jefferson County, Mississippi
October 29, 1873
Transcribed by Linda Durr Rudd

Felix was a slave of John Mitchell in Jefferson County, MS. Mitchell agreed to hire Felix out to Charles McLean, father of claimant Mariah McLean Buie, in January 1859. Felix had a wife Susan and children living on the McLean's farm.


My name is Felix Mason - my age is 72 years - I was born January 7th 1806. My residence is in Jefferson County Miss about six miles from Union Church. I have resided there 4 years in January next and I have lived in this county over thirty years. My occupation is farming. I had a wife living at Mrs. McLean’s. I was never the slave of the claimant but am in the employment of one Mr. Calender. I do not live on the land of the claimant nor am I in her debt. I cannot state anything that either of them did to show that they were loyal to the union - they were women and they had little chance to show their loyalty by their acts and I do not believe it would have been safe. I fear such public reputation would not be safe at that time. I was a Union man and she the claimant knew my sentiments. I remember when Mr. J. B. Bowen came back from Jackson and told Mrs. McLean her mule he had borrowed was dead she said that if her boys had not been taken into the army she would have had her boys and mule both - and she then said she had done all she could to keep her boys out of the army. I am sure Mrs. McLean has now no heir to her property except Mrs. M. C. Buie. She had only four children three sons and one daughter the present claimant. Her three sons Allen dead - two were killed in the army and the other died one year after the death of his mother. Neither one of these were married and Mrs M. C. Buie is the only heir.

Charles F. McLean's Note to Hire Felix

January 1st 1859

On the 1st day of January next we or either or us promised to pay John Mitchell or order one hundred and twenty dollars for valued received.

C. F. McLean
T. C. McNair

The above note is given by me for the hire of FELIX till the first of January next and I promised to furnish one suit of winter and two suits of summer clothes - one blanket - one hat - one pair of shoes - pay his taxes, doctor's bills and return said negro to John Mitchell or his agent at the expiration of his time.

C. F. McLean (Seal)

Record found:
Jefferson County Probate Records - Docket 126
Microfilm Number: 12198
Microfilm found at Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Federal Census for Felix Mason

1870 Census - Union Church, Jefferson County, MS - Page 24
Felix Mason, 63, farm laborer, KY - Susie, 55, NC - Irvin, 14, MS - Patsey, 11, MS
Family living next door is:
Thom Mason, 23, MS, G??, 16, Lucy, 20

1880 Census - Beat 1, Jefferson County, MS - Page 144
Felix Mason, 75, KY, KY, KY - Susan, 65, wife, MS, NC, NC - Lucy, 30, daughter - Irvin, 24, son - Patsey, 22, daughter


NARA - Record Group 123 - United States Court of Claims - Congressional Jurisdiction - Southern Claim File of Mary Buie - Case # 2568

Southern Claims Case of Maria C. Buie

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