Photographs of Hickory Block Cemetery

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Remembering Their Names

Selected Oldest Headstones in Cemetery

Photographs by Nathaniel Thomas

Stephen Fields born May 10, 1869, died April 04, 1898. "May the Resurrection Find Thee in the Bosom of thy God"

Betsy Earls was born May 12, 1864, died May 13, 1913. "Gone to Rest"

James Burnett was born February 08, 1856 on the John Torrey Plantation, died June 08, 1888. He was the son of Robert and Jane Harris Burnett. James' mother Jane was a servant member of Union Church Presbyterian Church.

Mary Earls Bailey born 1847, died 1944. She was the wife of Wallace Bailey, the daughter of James and Emily Earls. The Earls family were the slaves of William D. Coleman in Union Church, Jefferson County, MS.

Mollie Whalam was born in Jefferson County, MS, died June 15, 1890. "She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother and a friend to all." The Whalum family were the slaves of Gilbert M. Buie of Union Church, MS.

Amanda Thompson was born August 25, 1857, died March 04, 1903.

Green Littleton was born August 21, 1852 on the Neil Buie Plantation in Caseyville, Copiah County, MS. Green was the son of Thomas and Frances Littleton. Green married Laura Burnette. He died June 12, 1946.

Mary, wife of Lee Good, was born August 16, 1851 and died April 09, 1902.