Seth Granberry's 1853 Will

Transcribed by Linda Durr Rudd

State of Mississippi
Copiah County
September 26th 1853

Be it known to all whom it may concern, that I Seth Granberry of the County and State aforesaid do make this my last will and testament.

First I give to my wife Dincy the following slaves to wit, LOUISA and her increase also one mare saddle and bridle one bed bedstead and furniture. And also during her natural life two other slaves to wit, MARIAH and DICK and also the use of my houses and farm where I now live except the gin and mill which I desire that George R. Granberry shall have an interest in with her so long as she shall live and at her death to be sold as my estate provided that my daughters Susannah D., Martha E. Granberry shall have the priviledge of working their property on the land and the benefit of the apprertnances so long as they remain single and a sufficient portion of my stock of cattle and hogs to furnish them a comfortable living also two mules and farming utensils together with the household and kitchen furniture necessary for their comfort and that a sufficient amount of my present growing crops shall be set apart for their support for one year.

At the death of my wife Dincy, the slaves MARIAH and DICK are to be sold among the heirs and the proceeds of the sale divided among all my children.

Secondly, I give to my daughter Sally Mullins five slaves to wit RACHAEL and HER THREE CHILDREN that are now in possession of the said Sally Mullins also a girl named ANN which said negroes my daughter Sally Mullins shall have the use of so long as she shall live and at her death to be divided between the legal heirs of her body.

Thirdly, to Martha Gilmer and Fredonia Gilmer my granddaughters I give the slave EDY and her increase and set apart the sum of seven hundred and fifty dollars to be used by my Executors in the purchase of a girl slave about twelve years of age which negroes are to be by the Executors held for the said Martha and Fredonia until they sahll become of age or marry then to be equally divided between them. Provided that in case either of the aforementioned grand daughters die without issue the other shall become sole heir and in case both die without issue that the property shall return as a part of my estate and be divided among my children.

4ly,I give to my son Benjamin F. Granberry I give the tract of parcel of land which I have already given by deed and also four negroes to wit BOB, MARY and CHILD and WILLIAM.

5ly, To my daughter Jane Ann Watson, I give the following negroes to wit VICY, SARAH, ALBERT and ELLEN which said negroes my daughter Jane Ann aforesaid is to have the use of during her life when the said negroes with their increase are to be divided equally between the legal heirs of her body.

6ly, To my son George R. Granberry I give the tract of land which I have already deeded to him also the following negro slaves to wit IRA, MARY and her increase and CATO.

7ly, To my daughters Susannah D and Martha E Granberry I give the following negroes to wit, ISHAM, CHARLES, CANDICE, JANE and her increase to be divided equally between them on their becoming of age or marrying and I hereby appoint Benjamin F. Granberry as their guardian and I have insert this provision that if either of the beforementioned daughters Susannah D or Martha E should die without issue the property to return as part of my estate and be subject to division among the rest of my children. I further give to each of them a cow and calf beadstead bead and bedding.

8ly, At my death I desire that what land I own except the home tract which I have already given to my wife for her lifetime shall be sold and the proceeds divided among my daughters and also the same distribution to be made of the home tract at the death of my wife. And further at my death that all my personal property and effects for the distribution of which provisions has not already been made be sold collected and equally distributed among all my children.

I further desire that my Executors shall out of my affects secure the grave yard by a good substantial ?.

And for the carrying out the provisions of this my last will and testament I appoint Benjamin F Granberry and Thaddeus C. Watson as my Executors.

Executed by me this the 26th day of September in the year of our Lord 1853 in the presence of the following witnesses.

Seth Granberry (Seal)

Thos G. Decell
? ?

Information from Virginia Hart Zeigler's website, Granberry Genealogy.

Seth Granberry was the son of Moses and Susannah Dykes Granberry.
Born: 3 Nov 1787 in GA
Died: after 1850 in MS
Married: #1 Jane Bledsoe 14 Feb 1811 in GA
Married: #2 Amy Jones 29 Jul 1832 in MS
Married: #3 Dincy Dillon 18 Sept 1842 in MS (No children by this marriage)

Children of Seth and Jane Bledsoe:
1. Sarah "Sally" b. 29 Feb 1812 d. 12 Oct 1880 in TX m. William Norvell Mullins in MS.
2. Jane Ann b. 3 Sep 1822 d. 7 Dec 1855 m. Thaddeus C. Watson.
3. Allie Granberry b. 4 Jan 1814 d. 20 Dec 1852 m. Horace M. Gilmor/Gilmer.
4. Benjamin Franklin b. 1817 in GA m#1 Amelia A. Rembert and #2 Serena Mullins.
5. Huldah Ann b. 13 Nov 1815 d. 23 Oct 1822.
6. Mary " Polly" b. 11 Feb 1820 d. 8 May 1840, never married.
7. George Richmond Granberry b. 24 Sept 1825 in MS d. 5 Feb 1896 in Copiah Co., MS, married Mary Ann Warner.

Children of Seth and Amy Jones:
1. Susan Dykes Granberry b. 1836 m. Elijah Millsap.
2. Martha Elizabeth b. 1839 m. John Watson.

Copiah County Probate Records
Microfilm Number: 8189
Microfilm found at the Mississippi Department of Archives and History

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