Flora E. Cameron's Deposition

1873 Deposition of Flora E. Cameron in the Southern Claims File of
Maria Catherine McLean Buie
Jefferson County, Mississippi
November 18, 1889
Transcribed by Linda Durr Rudd

Testimony of Flora E. Cameron

I am 50 years of age - occupation post-master - residence Jefferson County, Miss - lived about one mile from the claimant. I knew Mrs. McLean and Mrs. Buie all my life. Mrs. McLean was in favor of the Union - she talked very earnestly against the war and as the war progressed she expressed herself the same way - she talked in the presence of others at her own home when the neighbors would call there - she was regarded as opposed to the war - she rendered no aid that I know of to the Confederacy - I know that she was opposed to her sons going into the army - I heard her say that she would rather give up all her Negroes and other property than for the rebels to take her sons. I was intimately acquainted with her - I saw her often and was at her house.

There was a sewing society in the neighborhood - none of Mrs. McLean’s family belonged to it - I was a member of this society - I never saw her at any of the meetings. She said that she did not want her sons to go into the army and advised them not to enter - she contributed nothing to the society. I spent much of my time at her house and know that she did not. I believe that Mrs. McLean was regarded as a Union woman. She was an old lady and I know the members of the society regarded her as a Union woman. I am satisfied she at all times sympathized with the Union cause.


NARA - Record Group 123 - United States Court of Claims - Congressional Jurisdiction - Southern Claim File of Mariah McLean Buie - Case # 2723

Southern Claims Case of Maria McLean Buie

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