The Division of John Buie's Property ~ 1826 and 1835

August 5, 1826
State of Mississippi
Jefferson County

Transcribed by Linda Durr Rudd

We the ? certify that we have made the following division of the negroes of John Buie dec'd to his legal heirs viz to Mrs. Nancy McNair a woman named HARRIETT worth $450.

Also to Ann E. Buie a boy named LITTLETON worth $200 and also another boy named SPENCER worth $150. Total $350

Also to Daniel Buie a boy named JOE worth $250 and also a girl named HENNY worth $95 - Total $345

Given under our hands this 5 August 1826.

Neill Buie
Peter Wilkinson
Daniel Baker

November 20th 1835
State of Mississippi
Jefferson County, Mississippi

Negro Boy LITTLETON $800
Negro Boy SPENCER $750
Red ? Cow and Yearling $11
Red ? Cow $8 ditto ditto $8
Black Cow and Yearling $11
White and Red Steer $16
One Trunk $2.50
Total - $1606.50

Negro Boy JOE $900
Yellow Girl HENNA $500
Black Cow and Yearling $11
Black Cow and Calf $11 Black Heiffer $8
? Steer $13
Rifle Gun $8
Total - $1451

Researcher's Notes

Bubba McNair
Bubba McNair
Son of John R. Lynch McNair and Julia Ann Buie
Grandson of Littleton and Lillian McNair
Great Grandson of Harriet
Photo Courtesy of Cynthia Crump

John Buie, also known as Captain John Buie, was born about 1790 in North Carolina to Daniel and Margaret Buie. He married Nancy Agnes Grafton June 1818 in Union Church, Jefferson County, Mississippi. Their children were Ann Elizabeth Buie b. 1819 and Daniel Grafton Buie b. 1821. John Buie died 07 August 1822 in Union Church. After John's death, Nancy married John D. McNair 13 January 1825. John McNair became the stepfather and guardian of Daniel and Ann. John Buie's slave property was appraised and divided twice among his heirs, once in 1826, again in 1835 after the death of John McNair. The slaves named in John Buie's probate records are probably a family group, a mother and her children.

Ann Elizabeth Buie married Daniel N. McLaurin 26 January 1837 in Jefferson County, Mississippi. Daniel McLaurin owned 10 slaves per the 1860 Lawrence County Slave Schedule. Spencer and Littleton were given to Ann Buie who would live with her husband in Monticello, Lawrence County, MS. Additional records were not found for Spencer. A Littleton McNair was found in the 1870 and 1880 census records of Jefferson County, MS.

1870 - Jefferson County, Union Church, MS - Page 26
Littleton McNair 48, Lilly 38, Thos 9, Nelly 7, Harriett 2
1880 - Jefferson County, Beat 1, MS - Page 138
Littleton McNair 58 Mulatto, Lillian 46 Black, Thomas 18 B son, Nellie Ann 17 MU daughter, Harriet 11 MU daughter, Sarah Jane 8 MU daughter, Colonel 7 B son, J. R. Lynch 4 MU son, Ciely Ann 2 MU daughter

Daniel Grafton Buie married Emily Margaret Torrey 28 January 1846 in Jefferson County, MS. Daniel Buie owned 26 slaves per the 1860 Jefferson County Slave Schedule. Joe and Henny were given to Daniel. Joe was sold January 3rd 1837 to Thomas Grafton for the sum of $1645. Thomas Grafton was an uncle to Daniel. Thomas and his family lived near Canton, Madison County, MS. Thomas died in 1852 in Madison County where he was buried. Additional information was not found concerning Joe.

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