Mike Dewsbury- Artist Here are some of my paintings.....

Autumn Woodland in acrylics 20"x16"

Spring Woodland in acrylics 20"x16"

Wild roses in watercolour 10"x8"

Evening Light~ watercolour 10"x8"

Spring Woodland~ Watercolour 9"x8"

Alpine scene~ watercolour 5"x3"

Goldfinches ~ watercolour 9"x7"

Friars Crag ~ watercolour 9"x7"

Water Mill (after Geoff Kersey) ~ watercolour 9"x7"

Winter Sunset ~ watercolour 8"x6"

Long tail tits ~ watercolour 6"x6"

Spring Woodland ~ watercolour 8"x6"

Technical Stuff
A Bowl is Born
A Hollow Vessel is Born

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