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                                                                    Danielle  Jean                               


Dons gracieux : Jean-Marc Raymond, concepteur-photographe, L'Avenir, Québec M.C. Chambion, infographe et peintre-sculpteur, Grasse, France Danielle Jean, fondatrice du Fonds d'actions Danielle Jean


                Lettre de l'Isle Madame - Chanson-Song

                   Le Bal de Port-Royal - Chanson-Song

La musique de Danielle est disponible à l'achat uniquement auprès du Fonds d'actions Danielle Jean /distributeur exclusif :



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The Fougère Reunion Site Is Now Closed!

The Fougère Reunion Site 2004 was enjoyed during the year preceding preparation for the reunion but there has been no activity on it since that time.

All information has been saved so it can 'resurrected' if another reunion should happen in years to come! In the meantime, enjoy Danielle's beautiful music of Isle Madame, home of many of our Fougères.

Cheers, Helena

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