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Darn folksingers, volumes i & ii


I've shoeboxes full of tapes from a cassette deck run off the main board at Fat's. (Ed was always stuck at the upstairs door so he used it to hear what he was missing each week.) I guess I started it as an archive and then figured we might be able to make some bake-sale CD's from it. (I find the concert venues limit those who can play while with a CD series you can just add another volume. Literally, if you plan one, you have enough for two, and if you plan two, you get three, etc.) It always takes longer than planned but the first two volumes are now ready.

The tapes are one track mono recordings so there isn't any overdubbing or post-recording mixing (and we certainly can't afford those sampling mikes that correct the notes as you go). What we have is plain old talent in an accurate acoustic ambience - it sounds like you're at Fat's.

Special thanks go to the generous artists who agreed to appear on this CD. Glen Loucks did the legal rights legwork, Glen Hornblast provided technical guidance and assistance and Jennifer Claveau helped with the legal forms. Mary Milne did the cover artwork for both CD's and Ross MacCulloch took the photos. And thanks go to the weekly volunteers, performers and audients who are Fat Albert's Coffeehouse.

The playlist and artist links for Vol 1 is here. The playlist and artist links for Vol 2 is here.

And the price is very reasonable: $10 for one or $15 for both.

They're available at Fat's and I'm open to suggestions re distribution and mail orders. You can contact me at Tony Hanik

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