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The Comearound

Welcome to The Comearound! This is the site about the pre-Everclear and Colorfinger days of Art Alexakis. I noticed that Colorfinger and Everclear, although both great bands were getting the lion's share of the attention shed on Art's bands.

The first band on my list is probably the least known of the 5 of Art's bands past and present. They were called The Medium. The Medium were basically a high school rock band that art played guitar in. The only thing ever recorded by the band is a half hour long jam tape of instrumental covers, so it's not even known who the lead singer was.

After a stint in college, Art formed a new band called Shakin Brave in L.A. They had a sort of classic rock feel to them and recorded a 7 song demo in 1987. The demo can be found on the Neverclear bootleg. Art moved the band to San Francisco where they broke up a short time later.

The very night the band broke up, Art and his first wife, Anita attended a cowpunk show and Art fell in love with the music. A month later, he formed the Easy Hoes. A short time after the band was formed in 1987, Art became manager and A&R of Shindig Records, a label that was started by him and a silent partner. Two years later, after constant gigging of the Hoes, getting the label together, looking for other acts and recording, the Hoes released their 1989 debut, "Tragic Songs Of Life". It was the first record off the Shindig label and to support it, the band went off on their 1989 "Tragic Tour". It was pretty long, encompassing a good deal of the U.S. But on the tour, Art got himself caught up in a bit of a supposed love triangle with bassist Kim Rohrbach and lead singer Jeff Krebs. After the tour the band quietly disbanded.

After the band broke up, Art formed Colorfinger, Jeff Krebs formed Molehill before eventually going off on his own and God only knows what happened to Kim and the drummer Kyle Statham.

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