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House Concerts build strong friendships between musicians, presenters, and listeners. Most importantly, House Concerts provide the most intimate and compelling performance environment available. In the year 2000, House Concerts have entered the mainstream. There has been a New York Times article (front page!), CBS Morning Show feature and many other's. What more intimate setting in which to listen to live music than someone's living room, or back yard. House concerts are put on by dedicated music lovers who open their homes to musicians and fans for an afternoon or evening of music in comfortable surroundings.

The definition's flexible, but generally, it's a show that's presented in someone's home, or a nearby private space (barn, backyard, shearing tent, you name it). Usually, but not always, the audience capacity is smaller than at a coffeehouse or club. The money collected usually goes straight to the performers, with no "profit motive" on the presenter's part. Often, but not always, house concerts are conducted "by invitation", rather than as "public" concerts like a club or concert hall. Often there is little or no "sound system"; performers play and sing acoustically, unless someone needs a little amp for their keyboard. Refreshments, if any, are usually either a "pot luck" brought by the listeners, or provided by the hosts using a bit of the gate receipts. Sometimes, but definitely not always, the performers get a meal and/or lodging with the presenters as part of their compensation.