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Following are pictures from Dawsonconcerts Great Song Circle following the house concert on April 15, 2006, that was filmed for a Montgomery County Television Special. Participating in the song circle were Ina May Wool, Laura Baron, Pat Quinn, Jim Twohy, Ian Campbell Smith, Gene Dawson, Ruthie Logsdon, William Adams, Jim Clark & Joel Pomeranz. plus others.

Pat Quinn                                        Laura Baron                                      (Photo by John Christopher Lyerly)                                              

                                             Laura Baron

                                                  Song Circle being filmed for TV

                                     Pat Quinn              Iain Campbell Smith  Ina May Wool, Daniel Weiss

                                       Jim Twohy                         (Photo by Mark Smith)

                          Iain Campbell Smith                           (Photo by Mark Smith)

                                        Gene Dawson                        (Photo by Mark Smith)

William Adams   (Photo by Mark Smith)

            Joel Pomeranz                                Jim Clark                           (Photo by Mark Smith)

                                     Chuck Haskins               Elizabeth Stone          (Photo by Mark Smith)

John Christopher Lyerly  (Photo by Mark Smith)

Jim Clark   (Photo by Mark Smith)

Ruthie Logsdon (of Ruthie & the Wranglers)  (Photo by Mark Smith)