Folk Music and Radio folk, alternatieve Americana muziek
Bottle Up and Go is a Dutch Skiffle Band. We play old American Music from the 30-ties, called Jug Band Music then. Also music from 60-ties. Instruments are banjo,dobro, kazoo, harmonica, mandoline,T-bass, washboard,guitar,ukulele.

"There are just two kinds of musicians.
Those that hit you instantly, and those you instantly want to hit" ~Paul~

mijn schotse deunen band CRASK INN


2018:EERSTE PLAATS IN EMMEN, PRIJS IN ALPHEN AAN DEN RIJN: In 2002 stonden we op het fameuze skiffle festival in Hamburg


ONZE HUISCONCERTEN: (feestje? Of nodig gewoon 10 vrienden uit, onze optredens zijn uniek: info: 0228-320287 **

zondag 20 Januari: De Werf Brouwerij - aanvang 1500 uur
zaterdag 16 maart: De Nieuwe Doelen - Groepen presentatie - aanvang 1700 uur
19 mei: tuinfestival Wervershoof
15 juni Straatfestival Elst
18 - 21 juli: Taribush Kuna Festival - Dwingelo

zaterdag 19 mei Raalte festival

zaterdag 16 juni Elst straatfestival - tweede prijs

zondag 17 juni vaderdag-gitaardag - Zuiderzee museum

zaterdag 24 juni - gouden pet - leiden
zaterdag 25 augustus - alphen a.d. rijn - straatfestival
zondag 26 augustus - straatfestival emmen
zaterdag 15 september - ede - winkelpresentatie
zaterdag 20 oktober - haloween - bovenkarspel
zondag 21 oktober haloween - bovenkarspel
december - lichtjesavond enkhuizen

zaterdag 8 april privefeest
zaterdag 17 juni Elst straatfestivel vanaf 11 uur Tweede prijs behaald
zondag 18 juni Vaderdag-gitaardag - Buitenmuseum-Enkhuizen-1 uur
zaterdag 8 juli Ede straattfestival - Eerste prijs bands
zaterdag 19 augustus - Ommen - sigarenkist festival
zondag 27 augustus Emmen - Gooi maar in m'n pet festival
zaterdag en zondag 14 en 15 oktober: Halloween festival
zaterdag 23 december: lichtjesavond enkhuizen

ELiza Shaen Carter

*Jan Visscher: Guitar, Ukulele *Paul van Gelder: Banjo, vocals *Simon Breed: Washboard,kazoo,vocals *Willem Breed: T-bass. *Jan Jeltes: guitar, vocals

Band started in 1996. In 2005 Cor van Sliedregt left the band,
in 2006 Jan de Boer got seriously ill, he left the band a few months later. Shortly thereafter Martin Starrenburg left the band.
Guitarist/ukulele player Jan Visscher joined the band the same year.
singer/wahboardplayer Simon Breed left the band October 2014
gitarist Jan Jeltes joined the band March 2014
Some of us are quite experienced, one also does radio-musicprograms on Dutch national radio. We are into real music, acoustic and anything but commercial. Stupid? Yes, but we like ourselves that way.

But oh man,we're having such a hard time! Won't you help us kill that time that's never on your site?
We love you too.

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here's another set without the banjo and yet another great gig: at the ETC tennisclub

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paul van gelder with the Willem Boon/Menno Bruin Band

live in Odoorn 2013 - RIGHT CLICK AND COPY

BUG at lichtjesavond Enkhuizen december 2014 on FACEBOOK - RIGHT CLICK AND COPY

our past&no future(ironische bio in het nederlands)

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Untitled 1

Way back in the fifties (Paul vanGelder, september 2013)

3/4 in G

G Em

Way back in the fifties, when wolfman was on
G D7 G
the american forces were still going strong
and houses were houses, a song was a song
and it looked like the whole world
D7 G
could no more go wrong


that's when i met you, they called you a slut
C G Es
but deep in my heart i know you were not
G Em
able to live like your grandma before
G D7 G
who lived in her kitchen and called you a whore

Way back in the fifties, when Little Richard came on

Pat Boone soon took over and then stole his song

The States were all dancing and singing ding dong

Took a while before Europe could really sing along


that's when I met you, I called you sweetheart,

but deep in my heart I knew you were not

able to give me what grandma gave gramps

you spent all our money they now call us tramps

Untitled 1

It Keep's Rainin' (Fats Domino - Paul van Gelder-2016)

It keeps raining and raining
Tears from my eyes
Since you gone
All I do is cry

Won't somebody help me?
Somebody help me?
Can't you see
That my baby done left me?

She left me reeling and rocking
Walking the floor
She left a note last night
She won't be back no more

It keeps raining and raining
Tears from my eyes
Since you gone
All I do is cry

But it keeps raining and raining
Tears from my eyes
Since you gone
All I do is laugh

Yes I'm laughing I'm laughing
Tears from my eyes
Since you gone
All I do is HAHAHAHA

Tears from my eyes
I left a note last night
I won't be back no more

A tear in my eye
Since you gone
It's no woman no cry

Yes It's shining it's shining
what a beautiful sun
Since you gone
'Cause all you did was wrong


Oh, she loves me so
Oh she loves me so
With me, all right she goes to bed
But she sleeps around with Saul and Ed
Oh she loves me so

Well, she stays around
But I know she's gone
She spends my money
In her shopping mall
She buys me perfume
She buys me sweets
She knows exactly what I don't need
She's a walking cover of "ain't she sweet"
Oh, she loves me so

Oh she loves me so
Oh she loves me so
She calls me Ed
She calls me Saul
But she knows damn well that my name is Paul
Oh, she loves me so

Well, she phones her mother
And she phones her pa
She phones her friend back in Arkansas
She phones her sister
She phones my bank
E-mails her brother
Even faxes the pill
And all I get from her is the telephone bill
Oh, she loves me so

Repeat chorus

Well, I went to the doctor
And he gave me this pill
He said "don't take it"
But I know I will
Take her nagging, take her moanin'
Well, she gave me more
Than I'll never need
I love her like a hammer that comes down on my feet
Oh, I love her so

Oh, I love her so
Oh, I love her so
I call her Maggie
I call her Jill
But I know damn well
That her name is Bill
Oh, I love her so

Paul van Gelder/Copyright 2000


I went back to my old home-town
To see the things I used to see
When a man outside the station
Told me all his misery

He said he'd worked for Dr.Jekyl
And he slaved for Mr.Hyde
And he really got a bellyfull
Of every Mr.Bright

Like a latterday Jack Kerouac
He flew and rambled round
But when he looked down at the sidewalk
He's still standing on the ground

JIm Mc.Farley, almost Mr. Big
Jim Mc.Farley,they used him like a pig

Well, they told him he's the greatest
He's the best since Hank or more
And if he followed company rules
He'd be a millionair for sure

So they took away his guitar
And they took away his soul
Even took away his voice
It did not fit in his new role

Like a latterday Hank Williams
He flew and rambled round
But when he looked down at the sidewalk
He's still lying on the ground

Jim Mc.Farley, almost Mr.Big
Jim Mc.Farley,they used him like a pig

Well, they sold him to your neighbour
Almost sold him to the queen
They sold him to Mc.Donalds
Yes, they sold him like whipped cream

And there were nickels in his pockets
There were dimes around his thighs
But the big ones went to CBS
'Cos there were dollars in their eyes

And soon there was the IRS
Who even took his shoes
His southern drawl got out of style
Now he can't even sing the blues

Jim Mc.Farley, almost Mr.Big
Jim Mc.Farley,they used him like a pig

Paul van Gelder/Copyright 2000


I'll take you riding in my car car
I promise you we won't go far far
Maybe we'll find a nice bar bar
Riding in my car

Riding in my car

And the road-taxes go vroom vroom
The gasoline prices go toodle-oodle-up
Service just goes doodle-oodle-down,stop
Riding in my car


The car in front of me is standing still
The car in front of that one is standing still
Yes, we're all fucking standing still
When we're riding in our cars


We all want to sit in the front seat
While they put us all in the back seat
Front seat is back seat
When you're riding in your car


The police are the only one to drive so fast
If you want to have a ticket,then it's my guess
The sweethearts will give you twenty-four or more
When you're riding in your car


Woody Guthrie/Paul van Gelder new lyrics/copyright 2000 Untitled 1

Farewell (No Blues) / Can't do without my ya ya Dm/G

Dm - A - Dm (rifje etc.)

Dm C
Farewell baby, you who looks so free
Looking at the river if the river was a sea
Farewell baby, I payed my dues
Farewell baby, hello blues

Farewell baby with your lips so red
You'll be loved till the day I'm dead
Farewell baby , got nothing to lose
Farewell baby hello blues

Farewell baby, you made me shy
There's nothing you left that wasn't a lie
Farewell baby I have to choose
Farewell baby, hello blues

Farewell baby in the city light
I'll disappear in the dark of night
Baby I'll wear my walking shoes
Farewell baby hello blues

deel 2: sneller (van Dm naar C naar G)

I can do without the east and I can do without the west

D7 G
I can do without the churches, always fighting 'gainst the rest

G c
I can do without my lover I can do without my wife

d7 g
But I can't do without my ya ya

I can do without the government, can do without the doe

D7 G
I can do without the t.v. the radio and so

I can do without you, I can do without me

D7 G
But I can't do without my ya ya

I can do without the climate I can do without disease

I can do without my chocolat I can do without my teeth

I can do without my looks and I can do without my books

But I can't do without my ya ya

I can do without tobacco I can do without the booze

I can do without the things that my woman liked to choose

I can do without my hee and I can do without my haw

But I can't do without my ya ya

Hell no (I ainít waiting on you) (Paul van Gelder, september 2004) in E

Well if youíre looking for some sugar

Itís right down here on the floor
ďYouíre a pretty clever jerkĒ

You said so many times before

Thereís dirty dishes in the oven

Thereís a pancake on the wall
Thereís so much food for you baby

Why donít you answer when I call

Hell no, I ainít waiting on you
You see that man there by the door
You wonder whatís he waiting for

Well I tell you that man
Itís not me

Like a river with no water

Like Bob Dylan without words

Like Hank Williams without country

Like Alfred Hitchcock without birds

Like a painter without paint

Like the devil without a saint

Like a house without a roof

Like water without proof


Like a banjo with no strings

Like a bird without itís wings

Like a genius without brains

Like a mother without pains

Like a dog without a nose

Like Swift without his prose

Like a soldier without shoes

Like B B King without the blues




In a little bitty town
Lived a little bitty clown
With his little tiny head
He would take his God to bed

He would tell all his friends
They were sinners and scum
C Cis
While he fired all his crew
At the mill that he owned



G Em

Lord donít let me be born again

I hate a new born man


Help me if you can

G Em

Lord don Ďt let me be born again

This life is just too much

Donít need another crutch

Meanwhile he would screw around

In the kitchen, on the ground

With his friends from the congregation

While saying prayers for the whole nation

Then his wife she found out

And she told it all around

But he owned the t.v. station

So they blamed her for the this aberration


GIGS IN 2016:
15/16 oktober 2016: Halloweenfair-Westfriesland "De Gouwe Stek" Bovenkarspel
25 september: De Visafslag Enkhuizen (restaurant) : 1500 uur
17 september 2016: Westfries festival Midwoud cafe De Post: 2200 uur
10 september: camping Enkhuizen (besloten)
28 augustus: Emmen straatfestival
27 augustus: Ommen cigarbox festival
20 augustus - tuinfeest Wervershoof (besloten)
9 juli 2016: straatfestival Ede
18 juni2016: straatfestival Elst
28 mei 2016: Zwolle - Platenbeurs Wijnbelt
15 mei 2016: Wervershoof, muzikale wandeling

19 december Lichtjesavond enkhuizen Nieuwstraat 14, 19.00-20.30
17/18 oktober camping De Gouwe Stek Bovenkarspel
13 september Sigarenkist Festival Ommen (1400- 20.00)
4 july Straatfestival Ede
19 june Den Helder cafe Bliksem 21.00 hours
13 june Lelystad festival fotos: fotos
21 february Alkmaar
15 february Alkmaar

18 april LP DAY Diskid Record Store, Zwolle, Spoelstraat
27 april Koningsdag Enkhuizen near Koepoort
2 juni Radio Lelystad
13 juni Lelystad Festival
13 september Ommen cigarbox guitars festival


21 november cafe bliksem in den helder 21.00 uur
22 november cafe het begin in alkmaar 1700 uur
12 december cafe bliksem den helder 1800 uur
20 december lichtjesavond enkhuizen

12 oktober zondag tussen 1 en 5 p.m. cafe de slof, westerstraat, enkhuizen
13 september tussen 1 en 4 p.m. winkelcentrum Hoogkarspel

onlangs geweest:
6 september 2014: Ommen festival
31 mei 2014 - zwolle - wijkcentrum weijenbelt - 12.00 uur - platenbeurs
14 juni Lelystad festival winkelcentrum
28 juni Lelystad festival
29 juni Lelystad festival

Skiffle Music by Bottle Up and Go, promote our group playing folk/blues/country





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