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What is Comon?

Comon is a new multinational language that we are creating as a way for basic communication through any nationality.  It has extremely simple grammar and limited words, as well as easy pronunciation.  In short, a monkey could learn this language.... and will if we have our way!

Comon is actually an anagram for Communication of Messages on Networks.  Or at least, that's our way of covering our ‹bergeekness, as it is actually a throw back to the common language in the AD&D role-playing game, cleverly named.... Common.

Why have Comon?

In a world so connected with mass communication, language barriers are more of an annoyance than ever.  Have you ever been in a chat room and had a foreigner enter and begin speaking in a language that no one understands?  Have you ever been the outsider that couldn't express your ideas, not even on the most basic level?  This language is here so that this will never happen again.  It is geared mainly toward online basic conversation, such as while playing a computer game or talking in a chat room with others who do not speak your native tongue.  The aim is not a new beautiful perfect language that should be adopted by people everywhere like Esperanto.  If you are interested in a language like this, we suggest you learn about Esperanto at its official website,

What about my native tongue?  I'm not prepared to abandon the language my people have spoken for so long.

It's idea is not to replace native languages, but provide a common, if not simplistic, form of communication.  Comon is very simple, and is not capable of detailed or varied conversation.  Thus, the great need for a language that doesn't suck, that's where your language comes in.

How do I learn Comon? 

That is very simple.  Follow this link to learn in a few minutes time.

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