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Carol's Home Web Site

This is my first web site. I hope you enjoy your visit.


My name is Carol Coutu and I am a care giver for 3 down syndrome girls. I have been working with them since they were little girls, approx. 20 years.

I am 53 years old and I live in the country.

I am Civitan.

I love bird watching and quilting.

My two beautiful sons Rob and Carmen are all grown up and have their own families started!

Carmen my eldest son, is the proud father of CJ, Carmen Junior was just Christened in March of 2000.
From left to right is Robert, CJ's uncle and proud Godfather. Carmen his father is holding him. CJ's mom, Andrea and her mother on the far right.

Here is another picture of Carmen, CJ, Andrea, and Robert at the Cristening.

This is a really great picture of Carmen and CJ's proud Grandpa with CJ after the Christening.

Robert is a very proud uncle and Godfather. Here's a picture of Rob and CJ relaxin..

I'll be creating a new page just for pictures really soon; you'll be able to see my family, my kittens and my home there.

I am currently working on building my families history.

My sister is developing the Coutu history, while I am concentrating on the Vincent, Drake, Rodgman half of the family.

Please feel free to visit GenForum if you would like to learn how to do this yourself.

I am also a part of Canadian Genealogy web ring. Please check out their site at

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I hope you join the web ring too!

I will be adding some fantastic things here!



Thanks for visiting and feel free to E-mail Me if you like to chat!