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I have been the Webmaster of this site since inception back in 2001 and am pleased to advise
that a new Webmaster has finally agreed to take on this duty. I really enjoyed doing this job for so many years
up until our domain name "" got mysteriously eliminated by the company that was
providing the service. We have spent over a year trying to get it re-instated, but they want something
like $1,000 to buy it back. Our Executive agreed not to be extorted in that fashion. As a result,
our new domain name is Make sure you save that new URL in your
"favorites" list. As of this writing (Nov 1/11) the new website appears exactly the same as this old one,
but the new Webmaster, Jason Yetman, will be adding his personal touches in due course.
I will obviously still be a member of the Club and wish Jason the best.

You will be re-directed to the new web site automatically.