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The Cairdeas Story

I got the idea for Cairdeas Dolls one day while surfing the internet. I found a couple of different stuffed animals who had stitches. Some were for sale, while others were available to come to your house for a short visit.

I thought it would be great for my son to have something like that, but thought it was strange to have a doll that would always have stitches. He only had his stitches for a week and would never even remember having them at all. However, he would always have a scar.

I saw his Groovy Guy on the floor, and the idea hatched. I gave him a scar just like Rowan's. I was really unsure of myself too. Was it a good idea? Did it even matter? Should I take it off?

So I went to my friends at cleftAdvocate. And they raved. They thought it was wonderful and gave me enough praise to fill a room. And they asked for more.

"You should really turn that into a business," they said. "There's nothing out there like this. Think of all the kids who would want one if they knew about this." After all the praise, how could I say no?

I needed a name for the dolls. I didn't want to call them Cleft Dolls, or Surgery Dolls, or anything like that. I don't say I have a cleft baby. I don't even say that I have a cleft-affected baby -- which is a very common thing to say. I say that I have a baby who was born with a cleft, part of the people first style of talking that I've learned from my friend Kristi, where you put the person first instead of the condition they have. I finally chose the word Cairdeas because it means "friendship," and has nothing to do with a cleft at all.

So that's where the idea came from. I've been contacted by a couple of people to see if I do different scars. Cairdeas is growing, and it's all thanks to you.

Cairdeas will continue to be a not for profit, free service to anyone regardless of race, creed, or financial situation. If you need help paying for a doll or postage, please contact me for special consideration.

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