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How to order a Cairdeas Doll

Go to either the Craniofacial or Body scar sheets at the bottom of this page and print out the one that you need.

Draw a scar on the picture as it should appear on your doll. Do the best job you can, since this is all I will have to go by. Make sure you get the scar on the correct side of the face or body.

Package the doll for shipping, but don't seal the box.
At the post office, buy stamps for the correct return postage and include them in the box. This way, no money changes hands, and it will make it easier to return your doll to you quickly.

If ordering from outside the US: you can't include return postage for me, but we can work out the details.

If you want to order a doll online to be shipped to me for "surgery" and then sent on to you, we can work this out as well.

Craniofacial Scar Sheet for cleft lip and other craniofacial surgery scars.

Body Scar Sheet for scars from heart surgery, spina bifida, and more.

Email: for my address and any additional shipping instructions.