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Welcome to the Cairdeas Site

Why a Cairdeas Doll?

Cairdeas /core - diss/= is Irish for "friendship."
There are dolls available with stitches, but stitches are there for only a week or so. A Cairdeas Doll has a scar exactly like its child friend. You provide the doll and the scar is sewn on with embroidery floss. You are only required to pay postage.

Cairdeas dolls should have these qualities:

1. All Cairdeas Dolls must be cloth in the area of the scar. I cannot sew a scar otherwise. If the scar is for a part of the body other than the head, it's ok for the head to be plastic.
2. All Cairdeas Dolls must be human. Sorry, stuffed animals do not qualify.
3. All Cairdeas Dolls must have a smile. We do not want frowning friends.

Also, you MUST include return postage for your doll.

The Cairdeas Story, or how it all came about.

Click to see a few examples of friends who have come to our hospital.

Take a tour of the Cairdeas Hospital.

How to order your own Cairdeas Doll.

Adopt a friend who is already at our hospital waiting for a home.