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About the Band!

Arthur Hatfield & Buck Creek was formed in January 1994. Original members consisted of Arthur Hatfield on banjo, Gary Minor on guitar, Jimmy Railey on dobro
tm and Johnny Day on bass. Each member had worked with other bands and brought to the group different ideas. By May of 1994 the band had made it's debut recording. Arthur Hatfield and Buck Creek performed many show dates that first year including the prestigious "First Night Celebration" on New Years Eve at Bowling Green Kentucky! In the year to follow Railey decided to move to Alabama and further his education and was replaced by Ricky Burch. Burch brought to the band his own ideas as well as the fiddle and mandolin. It was also during this time that the band started working on their now famous vocal harmonies. 1996 saw the group record it's second project and start gaining in recognition and popularity! In 1999 the band ended the millennium by recording their first Gospel recording! At the request of fans around the country Arthur Hatfield & Buck Creek has already started working on a fourth release due to be completed early in 2001.
Meet the Members

Arthur Hatfield
Arthur Hatfield has always been interested in Bluegrass music. Born and raised in Rocky Hill, KY. he was learning and honing his skills at Bluegrass music at a very early age. The first band that Arthur played in was called the "New Sounds of Bluegrass" that he and friends Larry Lawrence and Jimmy Dickerson had formed. Arthur soon caught the attention of Carl Story and traveled and performed all over the U.S. and Canada as one of Carl Story's Rambling Mountaineers. Later years has found Arthur doing freelance work on fiddle, mandolin, guitar and bass as well as banjo. One of the bands that frequently call upon Arthur is Dayle Eskridge and Changing Times. Arthur, when asked his musical influences, answers with J.D. Crowe, Sonny Osborne and the band Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver. Arthur Hatfield now resides in Glasgow, KY. where in addition to doing carpentry work he build's and repairs instruments and keeps up with local issues with the help of Rock Man. Arthur has also founded Hatfield Banjo's along with a full line of banjo bridge's. These can be found at!

Gary Minor
Cave City Kentucky is home for the bands guitar player Gary Minor. One of the bands original members, Gary fills the role of lead singer. Gary approaches what he does with a seriousness and passion matched by very few. His guitar playing is second to none, and his timing and tone is impeccable. A veteran of many bands around the Kentucky area, he has become a local legend.

Johnny Day
Johnny Day grew up in a family of bluegrass musicians in Caneyville, KY. His personal interest and excitement for bluegrass music did not began untill 1975, when he first heard J.D. Crow and The New South. After a move to Bowling Green, KY in 1981 he soon became friends with several local musicians. The next 10 years found Day with several local bands, untill he met the Hays Brothers in 1991. He became a member of this band untill 1994 when he left to become on of the founding members of Arthur Hatfield and Buck Creek. Day is known thought out Kentucky as being a bass players bass player.

Ricky Burch
Ricky Burch plays mandolin and fiddle with the band. Born and raised in Brunswick, GA, he started playing music at the age of 11 years. He has played through out the south east and is a veteran of a number of national acts including, The Cross Family, Underground Atlanta, The Rosebud Band, Sonny James, The Southern Gentlemen, and Jerry Reed. Burch is now a resident of Glasgow, KY, and in 1997 he and his brother Curtis Burch (co founder of New Grass Revival) performed in the Dobro Fest in Czechoslovakia.

Amanda Everett
Amanda is the newest member of Buck Creek but certainly is not new to Bluegrass music. Amanda hails from Finney, Kentucky, which is next-door to Rocky Hill and Arthur Hatfield. She has a strong background in music, starting with lessons at the age of six. Amanda was influenced at a very early age by her dad Karl who has played both country and bluegrass music for many years and has worked in bands with Arthur Hatfield. Amanda brings some strong vocals to Buck Creek in the form of both lead and harmony. She also plays the mandolin and bass guitar. As her interest in Bluegrass music has broadened, one of her strongest influences has been Rhonda Vincent. Along with the musical interest, Amanda has a B.S. degree in Social Work.

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