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Last updated 13 April 2005.


from Early New Zealand Newspapers
and other Sources

The birth, marriage and death notices that appeared in early newspapers often contained more information than the revelant certificates. Therefore they are worth taking a look at when you are searching for information about your family. Births, marriages and deaths of family members living in other countries, especially Great Britain, often appeared in New Zealand newspapers.

Index to Births, Marriages & Deaths of The Daily Southern Cross 1865

The Daily Southern Cross was published in Auckland, New Zealand in the 1860s. It was eventually incorporated into The New Zealand Herald.

Births, Marriages & Deaths from Early NZ Newspapers that mention Japan, India, China

This is a selection of notices from several early New Zealand newspapers. The selection was based on the notice mentioning Japan, India, the East India Company, or China.

Index to Births, Marriages & Deaths in the Naval Chronicles 1799 - 1801

The Naval Chronicles were published in England. There were two volumes per year. They are the chronicals of the British Navy and include information about the battles, naval personnel, ships, births, marriages, deaths, promotions, obituaries, etc.