Hey, welcome to my world.  I've decided I am an interesting person so I'm writing out my thoughts and interests and publishing them for people to read at their discretion.  If this interests you, you've come to the right place.  I have a Religion page I keep updated. In the works are a Science, Arts, Philosophy, Politics-News, Computer, Friends/Photos, and anything else I can think of.

Pick a link and step right in and let the wild rumpus begin. The author may not be held liable for insufficient rumpus.

           Benjamin Fleischer, bfleisch-REMOVEME@seas.upenn.edu

Interesting Thing To Look At

let ENIAC tell you your fortune. it's cool! Reload to get new ones.

Some general links

  • One of my favorites websites is the New York Times Science section. It keeps me abreast of the current issues and developments. New issues come on Tuesdays.
  • It is a sad thing; Mike Royko, one of the greatest writers who ever wrote a column, passed away fall '96. His obituary page and old columns from the Chicago Tribune remembrance site are uploaded and linked. I hope that I'm not violating copyright<g>
  • Want to improve your HTML skills and you don't like "View-Source?" try web-info, a group at Penn that wants to help.
  • I went to and recommend both Pardes and the Conservative Yeshiva if you're at all interested. email me about it

  • Hang out with OLGA, the On-Line Guitar Archive. I learned steel string guitar summer 1997 and check this site for popular songs.

  • What are you afraid of? Here's a list of phobias so you can intelligently describe yourself to your friends. If you're afraid of not having friends or not being able to talk to people, I'm sure that's in there, too. :) p.s. I'm afraid some of the links are messed up now, though.

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