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My Special Treat

 Each morning as I opened my kitchen drapes my visitor was there
waiting for me - my own special sunshine.
It was so nice to see the large colourful face looking in at me.
I had planted sunflowers beneath my kitchen window and, lo and behold,
one rose far above the others and reached far up on my kitchen window.
The special treat was that my special friend faced towards me all
one summer.

All who saw it were quite impressed.

At a gardening meeting my spirits were daunted as I was told that sunflowers
always face towards the sun - mine made a mistake and reached towards my
kitchen window where the sun was shining brightly and was very warm.

Oh well I really had the pleasure of the beauty all summer long and to end
my story, the birds enjoyed the seeds from the flower for a long
time into the winter.

 A friend called me her sunshine when we first met, so there could
be no other Midi but "You Are My Sunshine"
for this page.



Midi - You Are My Sunshine
Sequenced by Ted Keener

 Christina - February 2003