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When I first went to a sugaring party each maple tree had a tap
attached to it which enabled the sap to drop into a pail placed
underneath it.

The farmers would travel on horse drawn sleighs from tree to tree
to collect the sap which was then poured into a large vat.

They would then transport it to a little wooden shack where it was
placed in a large kettle on a wood stove to be boiled into
maple syrup.

It takes between 35 and 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of
maple syrup.

It is a long time before the syrup is ready so there was always
some ready for the party.

It was dropped on nice clean snow where it became taffy.

What fun we have pulling the taffy.

Today ... during February and March preparations are made to
collect the sap from the maple trees.

The alternative freezing and thawing at this time modifies
pressure conditions and causes the sap to flow.

A spout is placed in each tree and a pipe system or polyethlene
tubing runs from tree to tree delivering the sap to a large vat
in a more up-to-date house (still called a shack) where
it is placed into kettles for boiling.

The parties can then take sleigh rides through the forest after
which into everyone goes into the hall.

Some of these halls are very beautiful where in off the season
parties, dances and receptions take place.

The parties can then take sleigh rides through the forest after
which into everyone goes into the hall.

The usual meal served consists of ham cooked in maple syrup,
beans, scrambled eggs. boiled potatoes, salads and pickles.

Sweet treats are doughnuts and maple tarts.

Most everyone joins in dancing and singing after the meal.

During the day there are many pre-schoolers, grade school pupils,
ladies clubs and golden-agers In the evenings there is a more
sophisticated crowd.

Maple sugaring is a special tradition that many folk young and
old look forward to each year, and as it is usually said ...

"A good time was had by all "


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Whilst making this very informative page for Christina,
from her writings, I came across a "comment" I would
like to add ...

All countries have a "Taste" of their own and
Maple Sugaring belongs to
Laurie - from Australia  


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