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Philadelphia Folk Festival -- one campsite's 25 year retrospective

This is the Philadelphia Folk Festival from the perspective of the Talentsuckers (silly name, long story......) Imagine an annual fun family reunion that is built from the ground up, lasts for three days, and takes place in a hayfield. Same group shows up year after year for 25 years and counting. All around the hayfield similar groups gather, toting everything they'll need for the long weekend.

The official program of the Philadelphia Folk Festival lists concerts, workshops and crafts. The Talentsuckers have dayjobs at the festival as archivists. We record the workshops for the Festival Archive. We are among the many festival volunteers who contribute to this very amazing annual event.

The stages are located in the rolling hayfield next to the campsite. Campers walk back and forth from campsite to concert area from 10am til midnight. Meanwhile, an entire unofficial program is going on 22 hours a day (hey we do sleep!) in the campgrounds with theme parties, barbeques, music jams, and many festivities put together by the individual camping groups.

Here are Queens Colleen, Trish and Kate at the 2001 PFF, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the campsite.

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