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Music ensemble " KOLYADA "( "Christmas carol" or weihnachtslieder ) ,
which was founded in 2000, includes 10 professional musicians and a vocalist.
All the artists of ensemble have achieved the highest Academic Musical education,
and many them have received recognition as Laureates of International and national
competitions. Musicians of "Kolyada" also successfully combine concert activity
with pedagogic work, working in schools of arts; Music College, Philharmonic and
4 of them are professors of Music Academy of Odessa city. Among them are:
Alexander Oleynik (domra),Ukrainian composer, pedagogue and musician.
Alexander Murza (balalaika),virtuous musician and pedagogue, whose
performances are well known in Ukraine and Western Europe.
Vasiliy Dzisyuk (flute), talented musician, performed in many countries of the world.

Kolyada is proud to present their new soloist Helen Stakhovskaya
(coloraturas soprano). Honored Artist of Ukraine, professor of
Odessa Music Academy, vocalist of classic school, she also has annual
performances in different countries. Her virtuous voice and artisticness
turns any of her performances into real Holiday of classic and folk music.

The ensemble consists of Ukrainian and Russian music instruments:
bandura, balalaikas, bayan (button accordion), domras, different percussion
instruments, classic flute. Repertoire of ensemble made up of vocal and
instrumental pieces written by contemporary Ukrainian and Russian composers,
folk and classic music, and some pieces were composed especially for Kolyada.
Ensemble is highly regarded and known in Ukraine with its distinctive and lively
style. You can look through
our repertoire here and may also listen to some of
the songs and pieces in MP3 file format.

The small size of the ensemble enables a high level of mobility and allows them
to perform in both large and small settings. Perhaps, you know someone who
would be interested to become a producer (promoter) of the ensemble and
to help us to organize concert tour in Europe/ USA (% of contract sum).

Our demonstration CD contains the samples of program repertoire
performed by "Kolyada" representing their original style, temperament and
soulful lyric, optimism and humor so characteristic of the Ukrainian people.
If you would like to listen to our music, you can order a demonstration CD(s).
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