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Photo Gallery
A collection of railroad photographs and railway images.

Hobo Links
Links to other hobo sites on the web.

Rail Road Links
Links to information about the USA railroad system.

Train Schedules
Links to various train schedules, for our hobo friends.

Wit and Wisdom
An e-book about the wit and wisdom of the hobo.

The Hobo's Boxcar:

"The hobo's knowledge of the world is restricted by his lack of a television set, a radio, a daily newspaper. Consequently, he has much less to worry about.

"Most people define themselves by the money they have; the hobo defines himself by the miles he's traveled.

"All 'boes are different, all are alike - like the rest of humanity.

Wisdom Of The Rails - by Jon Stone

This site is dedicated to the American icon of a hobo, who is one of the great individualists of our times. No figure in American folklore better symbolizes freedom than the hobo, with his liberating lack of ambition and responsibility, and a life of constant movement.

Hoboes originally were migrant workers who rode from place to place on trains. The word "hobo" may have come from "Ho, boy!" a call used by railway mail handlers in the American Northwest during the late 1880s.

Take a photographic journey into the images of a hobo, check out our hobo links, our railway links, or check the train schedules and let your imagination run its course.

For the homespun and insightful observations, axioms, and lessons in living, see Wisdom of the Rails, available online from The FreeLook BookStore.

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