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The facilitator of dreams

Christopher Wonder lives and works as a fulltime magician, designing elegant, controlled, chaotic disasters that unfold beauty before disbelieving eyes. Wonder's magic act springs from his delirious pleasure at one moment to his reckless anguish the next. Grotesque and silly, cruel and naive, sinister and funny, disturbing yet beautiful, Christopher Wonder is anything but cute and sugary. Wonder's audiences have teetered between a shutter and a giggle since his first departures from reality at the age of six, when young Christopher dazzled them, armed with nothing more than his grandfather's magic kit. A fresh-faced graduate from the Chavez school of magic in 1988, Christopher Wonder toured the United States as a school assembly performer for 6 years. Now, his scheduled departure from reality guides audiences through the dreamscape of his rat circus and the fortunes of his psychic pig , as he escapes from his predicament as a human pinata. Magic, he believes, is not about shoving a girl in a box, but about transcending dreadful situations.

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