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SONIC INSANITY has come to an end in June 2004. ALL INFO within! Sonic Insanity was an extreme METAL RADIO SHOW that had been on-the-air since the summer of 1989. It aired at various times on Tuesday evenings on 88.5 FM in Rochester, NY, broadcasting at 3000 watts blanketing western-upstate New York. The show was hosted by The Mercyful One (Mike) and Evil Eye (Ron). Enter within to view the last Playlists, our Top 13, etc. We played EXTREME metal - black, death, doom, speed, thrash, war, dark metal. Absolutely NO Korn, NO Pantera, NO '90s Metallica, or other poser crap deemed "metal" by the media. Send no promos.

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Sonic Insanity was an independent radio show. The opinions and words expressed in this site in NO WAY represent the management, staff or underwriters of WRUR-FM 88.5. We were just a radio show.

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