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The Battle for Leyte Gulf
23-26 October 1944


Leyte Gulf

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Little Wolf at Leyte (H. Doscher)

The Sho Operation

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US Battleships


'Washington' was flagship of Vice Admiral Lee, Commander of the Third Fleet Battle Line, at Leyte Gulf.  Her most famous   exploit was her vital participation in the decisive Naval Battle of Guadalcanal on 15 November 1942, when - here too serving as Admiral Lee's flagship -  she destroyed the enemy battleship 'Kirishima' in one of the very few classic battleship versus battleship
engagements of World War 2.  During the war she probably received less publicity than any other United States capital ship,  but   ironically she had perhaps the most distinguished combat record of all the Pacific Fleet's battleships.

This USS 'Washington' site is especially useful as a resource for a project on Leyte Gulf as it contains detailed information on the types of anti-aircraft weapon carried by 'Washington' in common with almost all the US ships involved in the battle, these being the 5-inch 38-calibre dual-purpose gun, and the light AA guns of 40mm. and 20mm. calibres.

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