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The Battle for Leyte Gulf
23-26 October 1944

 The Japanese Southern Force

The heavy cruiser Ashigara  -  part of Vice Admiral Shima's Force C  - seen here in Spithead at the 1937 Coronation Naval Review


(S) = Sunk in the battle

'Southern Force' consisted of two groups, the larger (Force 'C') commanded by Vice-Admiral Nishimura,
and the much smaller 'Second Striking Force' by Vice-Admiral Shima.

These two groups were meant to carry out a co-ordinated attack, but failed to do so.

Force 'C'

(Van of the Southern Force)

(V. Adm. Shoji Nishimura in battleship Yamashiro)

2 Battleships,  1 Heavy Cruisers,  4 Destroyers as follows -

Battleship Division 2 (Vice Admiral Nishimura):  2 BB Yamashiro (S), Fuso (S)

1 CA Mogami (S)(detached from Cruiser Division 5)

Destroyer Division 4:  DD Michisio (S), Yamagumo (S), Asagumo (S)

DD Shigure (detached from Destroyer Squadron 2)

Second Striking Force

(Rear of Southern force)

(V. Adm. Kiyohide Shima in heavy cruiser Nachi)

2 Heavy Cruisers,  1 Light Cruiser,  7 Destroyers as follows -

Cruiser Division 21 (Vice Admiral Shima):  2 CA (Nachi, Ashigara)

CL Abukuma (S)

DD Kasumi, Shiranuhi (S), Wakaba (S), Hatsuharu, Hatsushimo, Akebono, Ushio

 The US Seventh Fleet

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The picture of heavy cruiser Ashigara at the head of page is reproduced with thanks from
"Japanese Warships of World War II" by A.J. Watts (Ian Allan, London 1966)