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Kyushu University Muslim Student Association


Muslims in Fukuoka are mostly foreign students representing most of the Islamic countries. The number of students and their families is more than 200 persons in Fukuoka city only, regardless significant number of Muslims in the neighboring cities in Kyushu area. KUMSA is the only active Islamic association in Fukuoka. Its main aims are to spread the proper knowledge of Islam and to provide services for its members. The executive committee of KUMSA comprises of President, vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and tows other Secretaries: Education and Social Affairs, and Fukuoka Masjid & Islamic Center Project. 

KUMSA organizes and supports many cultural and religious activities in Fukuoka. It helps its members to carry out their congregational prayers and other religious duties; it holds many kinds of meetings; it participates and organizes many cultural@activities and seminars; and it runs a variety of religious educational meetings for brothers, sisters and children. Among of the activity are: 
    • Daily prayers. 
    • Friday prayers. 
    • Daily iftar of Ramadan. 
    • Tarweeh prayers. 
    • Grand Iftar 
    • Two Eids prayers. 
    • Islamic cultural Seminars. 
    • Teaching Arab & Quran for non Arabic Muslims. 
    • Sports events for the member students. 
    • Social activities related to the member countries culture and customs.


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