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Combat Aircraft of World War Two

Curtiss P-40 Warhawk
Tomahawk II (British equivalent of P-40C) in markings of 349 (Belgian) Squadron, British Royal Air Force - stationed at Ikeja, West Africa in 1943

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A P-40C of US Army Air Corps - 77 Fighter Squadron, 20 Pursuit Group - based at Hamilton Field, 1941

(P-40C / British Tomahawk II)

Origin:  Curtiss-Wright Corporation

Type:  Single-seat fighter and fighter-bomber

Span: 37' 4" (11.36 metres)
Length: 31' 9" (9.7 metres)
Height: 12' 4" (3.75 metres)

Weight empty: 5,812 lb (2,636 kg)   Weight loaded: 7,459 lb (3,393 kg)

One 1,040 hp Allison V-1710-33 vee-12 liquid-cooled

Two x 0.50 caliber Browning machine-guns in fuselage
plus four x 0.30 caliber Browning machine-guns (two in each wing)
or (British Tomahawk II) Six x 0.303 Browning machine-guns

Maximum speed 345 mph (555 km/hour)
Initial climb 2,650 feet (807 metres) per minute
Service ceiling approximately 30,000 feet(9,145 metres)
Range 730 miles / 1,175 kilometres

Aircraft of the Pacific War

The Battle for Leyte Gulf,  23-26 October 1944

The Battle of the Philippine Sea,  19-20 June 1944

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 The profile drawings are reproduced, with thanks,from
'Combat Aircraft of World War II" by Bill Gunston (Spring/Salamander, London 1978)
This book was also the main source for the data on this page