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Hi! This site is dedicated to Kaoru & Kenshin fanfiction. I have gathered some fics from my favorite authors and they archived at the fanfiction section. Tell me what you think about the site, but tell each author what you think about their fics. I have included their e-mail and a link to their account. But this page is not only made out of fanfiction. Be sure to check the gallery which is made of exclusively K&K pictures. Check the glossary, links and guestbook pages too!

Update 30/09/02
~~Hello guys. Sorry about the delay, I have been impossibly busy this last month. It's been horrible. That's why I only have one little itty bitty update when it should be a HUGE update. I'm sorry. Promese to work on this next weekend.
~~I have a .:new chapter:. of .:Forever:. by me, and that's it.
~~It sounds so lame, but I hope you like it anywayz.
~~Ah! And I have uploaded Ai suru hito wo mamoru tame ni's mp3. Thankz Skipper for reminding me!
~~Thank you for your support. Ja ne!

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Update 07/09/02
~~ Hi! It's Kyo again!
~~ Got a .:new chapter:. from .:Forever:.! Congratulate me! That was fast, wasn't it?
~~ .:New chapter:. from .:JIA Case Files 2: Boulevard of Las Vegas:. by Istoria, too.
~~ That's all for today!!! Ja ne!
~~ Sign my guestbook! Will ya? Will ya?

Update 04/09/02
~~ Hello Minna-san! Lots of new updates today. I was in a good mood to update! I'm finally done with exams ^____________^ I'm so happy.
~~ The .:gallery:. has some new updates. New pics in the .:doujinshi:. section, please note that two of the pics are slightly explicit, so don't look if don't wanna see. And another new one in the .:anime:. section.
~~ We have a new bookmark in the .:goodies:. section. It's K&K with the pic at the left of this page. Also, four new wallpapers from
~~ Finally made the .:how to submit:. page. Now you know how to submit your fics to this page ^_______^
~~ I corrected some broken links from the .:links:. section. Now you can go to the manga scanlations and the manga transaltions of Rurouni Kenshin. ~~ We have a new fabulous author! .:Kamimura Kaoru:. joins the page with her fic .:Made for Each Other:. it's so KAWAII you'll get a toothache!
~~ A .:new chapter:. from my favorite Spanish speaking fanfic author, Koneko-dono, from her story .:Ai Shitteiru Forever:. Now in english so those of you who cannot read Spanish can enjoy it!
~~ That's all for now, guys.

Update 31/08/02
It's been soooo long! But finally I'm back! Some new thingies here.
A new GREAT author, .:Istoria:. Gotta read her JIA case files.
FINALLY, .:new chapter:. from .:Broken Pices:. by Linay.
FINALLY a .:new chapter:. of .:Forever:. by Kyo, that's me.
.:Two new chapters:. from .:Por Siempre:. by Koneko-dono and one on the translation by herself.
I think that's everything. I feel so ashamed of myself right now, ignoring this page for almost a month . . .

Update 08/08/02
Hello! There are a lot of updates today, all in the .:fanfiction:. section.
Go take a look to the .:new chapter:. of .:Touch Me Deeply:. by Midori Natari Himura, it's really cool. We have a new author joining our ranks, .:chibi-angel:. is her name and we have two faboulous stories by her in our archive.
There is also a .:new chapter:. of .:Por Siempre:. by Koneko-dono! I think this one's especially good, so go read it.
We also have a new awesome story by Yuki, .:Mismatched:.! Full of humor and romance, gotta read it.
I think that's all for today!
Ja ne, guys! Take care!

Update 04/08/02
Hello minna-san! Sorry for not updating for so long. Any ways, today we have a .:new chapter:. of .:Forever:. by me. A&M fans will like this chapter, I hope. We also have a .:new chapter:. of .:Truth be Told:. by awesome writer Bao Blossom.
That's everything for today, I hope to update other pages than Fanfiction soon.

Update 23/07/02
Hello again minna! A new small update's here! We have a wonderful .:new chapter:. from .:Por Siempre:. by the incomparable Koneko-dono! Go read it! Right now I only have it in Spanish though. Those who can read Spanish shouldn't miss it for anything!!!

Update 22/07/02
Hello again minna-san! I know it's been some time since I last updates. I was out of town and far away from my computer! It was HORRIBLE! A whole ten days without a computer is torture! Any ways, I'm finally back with a small update.
We have a new chapter of .:Break Me:. by the Druid, the .:eighth:., to be exact.
There is also a new chapter of .:Touch Me Deeply:. by Midori Natari Himura, number .:twelve:.
You sooo have to read those!
Well, that everything for today, I may have something new tomorrow,though. Ja ne!

Update 12/07/02
Hello minna!
The much awaited .:Eleventh:. Chapter of .:Forever:. is now here! (Told you so, Koneko-dono!)
That's everything I have for the moment. I'll be out of town the following week, so I won't be able to update, unless I get my hands on a computer which is not really a possibility. Any ways, please enjoy this chapter and don't forget to review! I live for those reviews guys!

Update 11/07/02
Ohayou minna-san!
Today we have three new fics! Finally uploaded the rest of .:Truth be Told:.'s chapters. Also added .:First Date:. and .:A Story:. by Bao Blossom. Wonderful fanfics, all of them.
I also added .:What Keeps us Alive by Eve:. A fanfic full of strong feelings. Gotta read it.
I created a banner for my site. Use it if you want to .:link:. me. I made two versions, one still and the other animated. I'm proud of them! ^_^
Well, there are some news now. I *almost* finished with Forever's elventh chapter. Just need to add a few details here and there. Also, wait for the first chapter of Medicine for the Heart sometime next week!
Er . . . sorry to you guys if you are waiting for the next chapter of the translation of Broken Pieces, but I have been lazy these few days, promise to work on it sometime soon . . .

Update 09/07/02
Added the .:contact:. page, which has a guestbook, a message board, my e-mail, a mailinglist and a tag-board.
Also added the .:song:. that inspired this site. The mp3 is not up for download yet, though.
Three new links are up in the .:links:. page. New fic is Truth be Told by Bao Blossom. Please note that even though First Date and A Story appear too, they are still not up. Truth be Told is working only to chapter 5. I'm sorry for that, but it's who just won't cooperate.

Update 07/07/02
Added the Author Directory in the fanfiction page. No new fics today.

Updated 06/07/02
Hello minna-san! Here is the new update.
New fics are:
.:Taming the fires:. and .:Break Me:. by the Druid.
There's also the .:fourth chapter:. of the translation of Broken Pieces, En Pedazos.
I added the .:series info:. page, although, for the time being, the .:characters:. page is the only one working and has only four characters in it ^_^;

Updated 05/07/02
Added the MailingList. You can subscribe now ^_^
New fics are:
.:Of Two Minds:. , .:A Meeting of Minds:. and, .:The Dragon and the Maiden:. all by Coleen.
.:Touch Me Deeply:. by Midori Natari Himura

Updated 04/07/02
New fics are:
.:Broken Pieces:. by linay, along with three chapters of its .:translation:. by .:me.
Aishiteru Forever:. by Koneko-dono, along with its .:translation:. by herself.
.:A Date with a Senpai:. by Yuki, along with its .:translation:. by Koneko-dono.
And, .:Forever:. by me.