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A .:top:.

Aa – informal yes

Ai – love

Aishiteru – I love you

Aku – Evil

Aku. Zoku. San – Kill. Evil. Swiflty. Motto used by Saitoh.

Amaterasu – Goddess of the Sun

Anou – fragment close to "um . . ."

Arigatoo – thank you

Ashita – tomorrow

B .:top:.

Boken – wooden sword used for practice in kenjutsuu

Busu – the rudest way to call an old woman, "old hag" or "ugly"


-chan – title given to children, girls, or pets

D .:top:.

De gozaru yo/ka/ya – form of speech used by Kenshin that adds politness to his speech. Yo is to add emphasis, ka is to ask a question, and ya or wothout it is the normal way of using it.

Demo – but

Doko? – Where?

-dono – title given mostly to royalty, and is almost the same as -sama

Doumo arigatoo gozaimasu – thank you very much

E .:top:.

E – picture

Eeto – fragment close to "um . . ."

G .:top:.

Getta – Japanese wooden shoes

Gi – Japanese shirt used with a hakama. The gi is tucken inside the hakama

Gomen – I'm sorry

Gomen nasai – More formal form of I'm sorry

H .:top:.

Hai – yes

Hakama – Japanese pants. They have two slits on the sides. They are tied with a sash and are used with a gi

Hara-kiri – Ritual suicide

Hi - Fire

Hitokiri – Assassin Manslayer or Shadow Assassin (or something close to that)

Hisakata - Moon

I .:top:.

Iie – no

Inu - dog

J .:top:.

Ja – informal goodbye

Ja na – informal goodbye used by boys

Ja ne – informal goodbye used by girls

K .:top:.

Kame - turtle

Katana – The longer of two swords used by a Samurai

Kawaii – cute

Kawaiikune – ugly

Kaze - wind

Ken – Blade, sword

Kenjutsuu – the art of weilding a sword

Kenshin – Heart of sword

Kimono – traditional clothing in Japan. It is used by both men and women, though they are different.

Kitsune - Fox

Kodomo - child

Kokoro – heart, soul, mind

Konnbanwa – Good afternoon

Konnichiwa – Good morning

Kowaii – scary

-kun – title given to boys, and men that are close to you

Kyoku – Sun, morning sun

Kyou - today

M .:top:.

Mibu no ookami – wolf of Mibu

Mizu - water

Mou! – expression of frustration or anger, used mostly by Kaoru

N .:top:.

Nani? – what?

Natsu – summer

Neko - cat

Ninjutsuu – all kinds of Ninja Arts

O .:top:.

Obi – Special kimono sash.

Ohayou – hello

Okaeri/Okaeri nasai – Welcome home. Said in response to Tadaima.

Onegai or onegaishimasi – please

Ookami – wolf

Ore – rough form of "I" used by boys or men. Kenshin uses this instead of "sessha" when reverted to Battousai.

Oro – expression used by Kenshin (Kasumi from Ranma uses this a lot, too) that literally means Oh my God!

R .:top:.

Rion - Lion

Ronin – Masterless Samurai

Rurouni – Word made up by Watsuki Nobuhiro-sama meaning "Wandering Masterless Samurai"

Ryuu – dragon, or in other cases, refering to martail arts, school

S .:top:.

Sakabattou – Reversed-edge sword

Sakura – Cherry Blossom

-sama – title given to gods or masters

-san – title given to women, and men you respect

Saya – scabbard

-sensei – title given to teachers, or people that know more than you in a particualr subject

Sessha – word used by Kenshin as "I". It literally means "this unwothy one"

Shin – heart, soul, mind

Shinai – bamboo sword used for practice sword in kenjutsuu

Sora – sky

Sugoi – great

Susanoo – God of the Storms

T .:top:.

Tabi – Japanese socks that have a division betweent he big toe and the rest

Tadaima – Literally "I'm home." Called when one arrives to one's home.

Tamago - egg

Tantou – Dagger

Tanuki – raccon or skunk

Tora – Tiger

Tori - Rooster

Tsuba – Hilt

Tsuka – metal disk between the blade of the sword and the hilt

U .:top:.

Un – informal yes

W .:top:.

Wakarimashita – I understand (I think)

Wakata – understood?

Wakizashi – The shorter of two swords used by a Samurai. Usually used to commit hara-kiri.

Watashi - I

Y .:top:.

-yama – title given to masters of a sport, sumo wrestlers, mostly

Yosha –great or done

Yume – dream

Z .:top:.

Zutto - totally

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