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Welcome to my David Gray webpage. It's a collection of bits and bobs about the one ond only singer/songwriter.
I hope you like it and don't forget to sign the guestbook when you visit.
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Monday, 13th January, 2003

  • Site Updated.....

    Well its been a while since I updated the page. I have been working on the Lyrics section of the website. As we speak, the lyrics to most of the b-side and rarities are uploaded. You can check them out in the Lyrics page. I am currently working on the Tab section and that will take a bit more time...

    Monday, 6th January, 2003

  • Happy New Year...

    I'd like to wish you all a happy New Year. Hope you had a good Christmas.

    Saturday, 14th December, 2002

  • New Guestbook.........

    Along with various items aimed at improving the site, I've changed my guestbook. You can leave a message here.

    Friday, 13th December, 2002

  • New Tablature.........

    Well, I admit it that I am way behind when it comes to David Gray and guitar tab.... but I guess I was too lazy to write tab for his songs. But here they are! I've uploaded part of A Century Ends and will have the rest and Flesh uploaded by the end of next week.

    Sunday, 8th December, 2002

  • Lorelei and Decipher.........

    Well the Other Side CD single has been released, and I've uploaded a snippet of the B-sides, Lorelie and Decipher.

  • Lorelie
  • Decipher

    Thursday, 5th December, 2002

  • Headliners on Channel 4.........

    David made on appearance on the "Headliners" show on Channel 4 last night. He gave a very informed interview and sang 5 songs; Dead in the Water, Be Mine, Sail Away, Kangaroo and The Other Side.

  • Amazon interview......

    David gives an interview at

    Wednesday, 4th December, 2002

  • Appearance on Channel 4 tonight.....

    I've been made aware, by my friends on the DG Bulletin Board, that David is making an appearance on C4 tonight at 11.50pm. He will be chatting and singing a few songs.

    Tuesday, 3rd December, 2002

  • Tabs in the future.........

    It won't be long before I have a tabs page for guitarists. Each week I'll upload an album's worth of tabs starting with A Century Ends. However, if you're in dire need of chords and tabs, check out Chris' page at and Chris Oliver's site at The Pink Flamingo Lounge

  • Four Times Platinum in Ireland........

    This was taken from RTE's Teletext service.

    David Gray's new album, A New Day at Midnight, has reached 4 times platinum in Ireland

    The album was released on 25th October and 5 weeks later, it has sold more than 60,000 copies. The Other Side, the first single to be taken from the new album is due to be released on Friday, the 6th of December. After he finishes his sold out UK tour next Monday, Gray to take a break until the end of 2002.

    Friday, 22nd November, 2002

  • Interview on BBC.........

    David gives a good interview with Top of the Pops on

    Saturday, 16th November, 2002

  • The Other Side Single.........

    The first single from A New Day at Midnight will be The Other Side. It is to be released on December the 6th with b-sides to be announced. Further details will be updated later.

  • Article in Evening Herald.........

    This article was printed in Friday's edition of the Evening Herald, explaining how David's following has got so big in Ireland. Here goes...

    This weekend's headliner at the Point is undoubtedly the patron siant of platinum sales in Paddyland, having shifted over 360,000 copies of his White Ladder album in this counttry alone. And in many ways David Gray is a latter-day St. Patrick, in that he was an unwanted individual who came across from Wales, was taken to the hearts of the Irish people, persuaded his flock to give up their pagan rock-n-roll ways and become world famous.

    All we need now is a feast day where devotees will parade through the streets dressed like students and nodding like those toy dogs you see in the back windowa of cars. Why do we do this to ourselves.

    There's some weird gene in the collective Irish DNA which allows us every few years to adopt an artist who could charitable be described as worthy but deadly, deadly dull and provide The Chosen One with encouragement until such time as they can launch an assault on the markets that really matter. He first sloped across the radar screens in 1993 with the release of A Century's End, an album packed with dreary, earnest songs delivered in a grating voice which understandably did nothing in his homeland but somehow provided him with a foothold here. The blame for this clearly lies with No Disco presenter, Donal Dineen and producer, Colm O'Callaghan who plugged the album constantly and to most people's surprise his unfashionable brand of vague singer-songwriter angst struck a chord with the Irish. His next two albums Flesh and Sell, Sell, Sell appeared in different labels - a sure sign that things aren't happening saleswise - but still his live audiences grew. Then came the bedsit blitzkrieg of White Ladder.

    This miasma of morose mopings mopped up mountains of Mick moolah, saw him headline The Point when he didn't even have a deal in the UK and is still selling more than 180 weeks after its release. I ask you, what kind of person goes into a recors shop 179 weeks after an album has been in the charts and goes "Oh, I've heard of that, I think I'll buy it"?

    The answer isn't too hard when you think about it, as David Gray makes music for people who don't really like music yet somehow feel compelled to add three or four CD's to their collection each year. White Ladder is one of those albums that continues to sell simply because it's already sold so many and there's nothing the casual dabbler likes less than thinking that they're missing out on the latest dinner party soundtrack.

    Proof that the average fan of this exceedingly average music might not exactly be up to speed on the wider world of rock-n-roll can be found on a site proclaiming itself to be "the most comprehensive David Gray site on the web". Here we are informed the Say Hello, Wave Goodbye "wasnt actually written by David but by a group called Soft Cell" Wow!, like can people not read the bloody sleeve notes?

    Friday, 15th November, 2002

  • Dublin, 14th November..........

    Well, last night was the first night of three in Dublin. A packed Point Theatre saw David dazzle and amaze! James Yorkston supported and gave a solid set, but the majority of the crowd had more things on their minds. David gave a great performance, concentrating on the new album and nore recent material. He only delved into the past by singing The Light, Late Night Radio, and Faster Sooner Now. He also sang a few covers including Pale blue eyes by Lou Reed, Go down easy by John Martyn, and Lunatics in the asylum by Fun Boy Three. The crowd enjoyed the night and gave their appreciation by throwing numerous pairs of underwear to David and singing "We love you David, we do!" through out the night. Once the first note of The Other Side was played the crowd sang along and David felt like this was his real home.
    He plays another two dates in Dublin before moving to the UK. My night was made special by meeting up with fellow BB-ers from Cheers guys!

    Thursday, 14th November, 2002

  • CNN Interview..........

    CNN have an interview with David here.

    Tuesday, 11th November, 2002

  • Another review added.......

    Another review of A New Day at Midnight added at the Interviews page from Dreams

    Saturday, 9th November, 2002

  • Great performance on "Later"........

    As you already know from below, David Gray appeared on BBC2's "Later with Jools Holland". The show blends different types of music and last night was no exception. Tom Jones, Yousser N'Dour, Aimee Mann and the Polyphonic Spree joined David on the programme.

    David was excellent showcasing three tracks off the new album, The Other Side, Dead in the Water, and an amazing Be Mine.

    Thursday, 7th November, 2002

  • "Later" appearance..........

    David will be making an appearance on Jools Holland's "Later" show tomorrow night. It's on BBC2 at 11.35 (thats GMT). Along with at least 3 songs, David is bound to chat with Jools making the programme unmissable for real-DG fans!

  • David in Q Magazine.........

    Don't forget for people this side of the Antlantic, David has given an interview in Q magazine. He talks about the new album, his dad's departure and his dislike of the song Babylon, although he will play it live in concert.

  • Settling in.....

    Well, the album has been released over a week in Ireland and a few days in the US, but reviews still show the critics dissappoinment. This review is from an Irish sunday paper, The Sunday Tribune.

    "Ireland's faithful Gray fans, the ones who made him a local star long before he was an international one, will relish the concentrated David Gray sound of A New Day at Midnight. It's almost as if, reacting to the sudden, unlikely success, Gray had to prove that he was still himself. He has distilled his most typical melodic characteristics and laid them bare, with an accompaniment only halfway to the crossover digitalia that so endeared White Ladder to the dinner party set. The sound is unforgiving on the ear, his mid-range, slightly whiney voice taking centre stage all the time. His voice has matured a little and benefits when he explores a softer edge, like "The Other Side", one highlight." ( 3 out of 5 )

    Friday, 25th October, 2002

  • A New Day begins......

    "A New Day at Midnight" was released in Ireland at midnight this morning. However, I don't know what was more dissapointing, the fact that I was waiting for another "White Ladder" or the fact that there are no guitar tabs to speak of? I bought the album today, the 25th of October just after 2pm, and I'm eagerly waiting to hear "Sail Away" mark 2! I have three of four listens behind me now, and the songs that hit me instantly are "Be Mine", "Long Distance Call", "Knowhere" and "Real Love". Maybe it was take a bit longer for the rest to grow on me. Anyway, I'd like to hear what you think - e-mail me at

    Thursday, 24th October, 2002

  • Another review....

    I've found a nicer review at

  • Let the mayhem begin......

    The reviews of ANDAM have started! This review was printed in "The Irish Times" today, the 24th of October. This reviewer gave the album 3 out of 5 and it goes like this..........

    The last album, "White Ladder", has gone seven times platinum in the UK, sold over 2 million copies in the US and is the biggest-selling album in Irish pop history. So you could imagine the pressure David Gray must be feeling as he delivers the long-awaited follow-up. "A New Day at Midnight" doesn't try too hard to be big, clever, or expansive - a good thing, since Gray's greatest appeal is in the stripped-down sonic details. The album was once again recorded in his tiny studio in south London; the tone is intimite, impressionistic; Gray's picks out minor key changes and his distinctive voice holds a tight rein on the arrangements. "Dead in the Water" opens strongly, with echoes of Coldplay, but Caroline sounds like a plain ol' country ballad dressed up in electronic rhinestones. "Long Distance Call" and "Freedom" are marked by smart musical motifs, but their melodies don't denetrate through the ether. While there is no faulting the fluid craftmanship, too many of the songs seem watered down, as if they were merely an extra ingredient added to a nice piano lineor a catchy bridge. "Knowhere", "Last Boat to America", "Real Love" and "Be Mine" are pleasant and comforting, and will certainly please Gray's global army of fans, but there is little new to grab onto here, just an extra few rungs on an already well-trodden ladder. ( 3 out of 5 )

    Wednesday, 23rd October, 2002

  • Radio Days.......

    Just found out today that David will be appearing on Tom Dunne's "Pet Sounds" programme on Today fm next Monday the 28th of October, at 6pm. This includes an interview and a session, and is strictly for Irish listeners....

    Tuesday, 22nd October, 2002

  • New Additions.......

    Added today is the Interview page (the shakenstir interview everybody is talking about ). Also added are the Lyrics to "A NewDay at Midnight". Thanks goes to Chris at Sorrowfulmoon

  • Dave on the Late-Late....

    Well, its common knowledge now that Dave will be appearing on the Late, Late on Friday the 25th. It starts at 9.30 on RTE1 so don't miss it!

    Monday, 21st October, 2002

  • The Kangaroo Bar...

    There is a new website, approved by Mr. Gray no less. Its called The Kangaroo Bar and is home to all serious DG fans. It promotes the new album and has a few sound clips of the new single "The Other Side". I reckon you should get down there!!!

  • Windows Media Stream of "The Other Side"

  • Real Audio Stream of "The Other Side"

  • Sunday, 20th October, 2002

  • UK and Ireland Tourdates..........

    The following are the dates for David's UK and Ireland tour:

  • 9th Nov - Bournemouth
  • 11th/12th Nov - Belfast
  • 14th/15th/16th Nov - Dublin
  • 18th Nov - Plymouth
  • 19th Nov - Brighton
  • 21st/22nd Nov - Manchester
  • 23rd Nov - Cardiff
  • 26th Nov - Birmingham
  • 27th Nov - Newcastle
  • 29th Nov - Sheffield
  • 30th Nov - Nottingham
  • 2nd Dec - Glasgow
  • 4th Dec - Aberdeen
  • 7th/8th/9th Dec - London

    Saturday, 19th October, 2002

  • Track Listing of "A New Day at Midnight"

    The new album, A New Day at Midnight" is finally released to the Irish public on midnight, Thursday the 24th, 2002. Eagerly awaited, it is followed by a UK and US tour. 1. Dead In The Water 3.07
    2. Caroline 3.37
    3. Long Distance Call 3.39
    4. Freedom 6.43
    5. Kangaroo 3.29
    6. Last Boat To America 4.49
    7. Real Love 4.38
    8. Knowhere 3.53
    9. December 3.34
    10. Be Mine 4.21
    11. Easy Way to Cry 3.51
    12. The Other Side 4.31

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