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Photos & Reviews

December 1st, 2001 Show

@ club Le Buzz
Marietta, Georgia

"Oh my GOD!!! I truly felt that Stevie Nicks was in the house on Saturday night at Le Buzz! The four performance artists who took to the stage entertained me and my friends more than either of us had hoped for. We expected a bunch of lip syncing drag queens, but there was no lip syncing at all. Each of the singers used his or her own voice and everyone was totally blown away each time one of them picked up the microphone! Wow! What a wonderful, great and special surprise! I'm speechless! I'm totally speechless!"

Brenda Motes

"I attended the show on Saturday night and was totally blown away by the stage show! I can't express how each and every performance made me feel. These four individuals came together to make this one magical night that I will never forget.
I have loved Stevie Nicks and her music for many years and the performers with the Blue Lamp Tour do her proud with their awesome stage show! Rock on! Rock on!!"

Jimmy H.

From L to R - ?, ?, "Bear" and DeDe Wade enjoy a chat before the show begins...

Prel "the Dove" MC and vocalist, Prel performs

"Stand Back"...

" man did not fall; He asked me for my love and that was all..."

Wow! All I can say is that each and every person on that stage was totally awesome! My personal favorites were Prel and Mickey who did Stand Back and Gold Dust Woman. My favorite Stevie Nicks songs! Totally, totally awesome!!! What else is there to say?


The wonderful Michael Evers, who created these beautiful original works of art, did us an honor by donating signed copies for our fundraising event! Three very lucky guests now own these pieces!!


Michael McLeroy, Producer

I had SO MUCH FUN Saturday night. It was a lot of fun performing, but best of all, it was great meeting other Stevie fans who came to the Atlanta stop on the Blue Lamp Tour. I'm proud to be a part of this group.

Thanks to all for coming out and supporting us. And for those of you in other cities on the tour, you are in for a treat!!!!

Everyone continue Rocking a Little with your Wild Wild Hearts!!!

Love ya'll, Mickey

Mickey Maxwell turns heads with her hot rendition of

"Gold Dust Woman"

Kelly "The Enchantress"

The captivating "Kelly" performs


Patrick and Melanie enjoy the fanfare!

A friend and I attended the opening night of The Blue Lamp Tour. OH MY GOSH! We had so much fun! We had been looking forward to the event for some time. It was well worth the trip to Atlanta. Prel, you did such a great job!

All of the performers were great. My personal favorite was Kelly. That lady can sing!! She was so sweet. We had lots of fun hanging out with her and her husband, Nick.

The door prizes were great. Jeremy and Chase, if you are reading this, I want that print!!!! Also, someone donated tons of Stevie photos that were given away. If you are reading this, Thank You!!

Prel, you had asked for suggestions for the next show. I would really encourage people to bring Stevie souvenirs to trade. I had brought a couple of collector items and had looked forward to possibly trading, but no one had anything. Also, it would be nice if the next club has a big screen TV so the videos would be more of a focal point. And you may want to add a Stevie trivia contest. That would be fun.

Prel, thanks again for all of your hard work. You made a very special night for many people.

~Dede Wade


The talented "Angelica" performs

"Planets of the Universe"

"...hopelessly enchanted, blame it on the angels..."

This is my review of the Blue Lamp Tour on December 1st, 2001.

My friend Phil and I arrived at Le Buzz shortly after 8 o’clock and the club was filled with the sounds of Stevie Nicks live at Red Rocks. We were greeted at the door by beautiful women all dressed in black and selling raffle tickets for some beautiful Michael Evers prints of Stevie. There was also a print he did in memory of the World Trade Center bombing, but we didn’t wind up winning either of them.
Anyway, the club was filled with Stevie fans and there was a table set up with all different types of Stevie memorabilia and photos free for the taking. I did pick a number of these free photos to add to my collection and a copy of the People’s 50 most beautiful people in the world issue that was available.
The stage was set up like a beautiful antique window with a long dressing table in front of it. On this table were many different pictures of Stevie in all types of picture frames and candles and candles and little elephant statues that were door prizes in honor of the Elephant Sanctuary. The Michael Evers prints were displayed over to the side against a mirrored wall and there were dozens and dozens of candles aglow, lighting up the entire club. Around the big square bar in the middle of the room someone had places all different types of blue glass items, which was a really unique added touch and made the bar look like part of the antique room depicted on the stage. It was really pretty and the blue glass caught the lights from over head and they glowed through out the room.
My friend and I got some drinks and found a table to sit at to wait for the show to begin. We waited until a bit after 9 p.m. and was wondering what was going on. The show was scheduled to begin at 9 p.m., so we asked one of the many girls up front who were dressed in black when the show was starting. One of them informed us that the table for the stage had arrived late and the MC had waited to put it up before getting ready for the show.
It wasn’t long after that, around 9:15 p.m. that the concert video stopped and the DJ came over the sound system and welcomed everyone to Le Buzz and said, “Le Buzz is proud to host the Blue Lamp Tour, a tribute to Stevie Nicks. We have some wonderful entertainment for you tonight as well as some great free CDs and door prizes. “ And then the music for “Blue Lamp” started and the lights begin flashing.
Blue Lamp played all the way through to the end and everyone in the room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. At that point, the DJ announced the MC, who was the first performer of the show. His name was Prel the dove and the music for “Stand Back” started. We were standing up looking through the crowd to see who it was. Everyone was looking around the room and then Prel came out from the shadows. He was marching with high steps like Stevie and he was wearing a black high hat and a black shawl with shiny brown dots on it. Everyone screamed when he got to the stage and started twirling like on the Stand Back video. It was hot!
At the beginning, everyone thought Prel was lip syncing, but then I realized it was actually his own voice. I have never heard anyone who sounded so much like Stevie Nicks. I was shocked! I just sat there looking and listening in awe. Prel had some of the Stevie spins and moves down pat and his vocals were right on the money.

After Stand Back, Prel told the audience about the reason for the blue lamp tour and that the goal was to raise money for 3 very worthy charities. He introduced the executive director of one of the charities and then the song “No Light” was played and he disappeared from the stage. When no light came to an end, the MC announced the next performer and the music for “Planets of the Universe” started. Her name was Angelica and she wore a long black dress and shawl. Her voice was a lot like Stevie’s and everyone loved it.
The next performer was a real girl and looked a lot like Stevie. She performed Sara and was very good. The other performer was a guy named Mickey who had the Stevie look down to a tee. Even the big platform boots. Everyone in the show used their own voices and it was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Some of the other songs included “Gold Dust Woman”, If You Ever did Believe” and the girl named Kelly got up and did a great guitar version of “Garbo”.
If I have to pick on high light of the show for me it was when the DJ announced Prel the dove and the music for “Silver Springs” started. Prel came out on to the stage wearing the same black high hat and a shiny blue shawl with black fringe around the edges. It was beautiful! He started singing Silver Springs and everyone screamed because he sounded so much like Stevie and Silver Springs was obviously one of the favorites. We were ALL transfixed by his costume and the way his voice sounded. It was definately the best and most dramatic part of the show for me.
I didn’t win either of the door prizes, but everyone who did was very happy. I had a great time and I want to say that all four of the performers were above and beyond my expectations. I never dreamed the show would be all live singers and that everyone would sound so good. I know that everyone who attended must feel much the same as I do. I was very, very pleased! I will never forget this night!

David R.

(Photo on Left) MC, Prel "the Dove"
(Photo on Right, From L to R) Kelly "the Enchantress", "Bear" & "Mickey Maxwell".

"There was magic all around! Four very talented performers took to the stage and gave us more than we had bargained for. It was an full force Stevie Nicks concert. Many times, if I had closed my eyes, I would think Stevie herself was singing. My hat goes off to The Dove and to Angelica. They both looked and sounded great, as did the other singers. I will be in the audience next time around. I hope they continue their tour. Stevie Nicks would be proud! The show was exciting and yes, "spellbinding"! "

Kevin and Chris

" The singers were wonderful! The gifts were super!! The friends were special!!! The music was magic!!!"


In pilars of color, the stunning "Angelica" performs...

" don't leave me! I'm down on my knees..."

"I saw the ad in Eclipse magazine and I knew I just had to come! I brought all my friends and they were shocked at how good all of the performers were. My favorites were Kelly and Prel, but all of the singers were really wonderful. It was a night of Stevie Nicks and I know she would have been proud of the tribute. I'm so glad I came!"


"Angelica" performs

"If you Ever Did Believe"

...with her "long red cape"...

"My God! The live vocalists were right on the money. A few of them have Stevie Nicks down to a tee, but the entire show was fabulous from beginning to end. Great job! Great, great job!"

Millie Casper

"I am so very happy I came to this show! I was totally awestruck by the devoted Stevie Nicks performers. They all were wonderful! Each and every one of them and the MC was so funny and so sweet. He did Stevie Nicks songs that would make the queen of rock herself stand up and take notice. Bravo! Bravo!"


Next stop Jacksonville, Florida

Tuesday, January 29th, 2002

with special guest MC


Congratualations and thanks to Prel "the Dove" for hosting a wonderful and exciting show! Well done!!

More photos and reviews to come...

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