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Photo Page

Recent photos
Pictures from the 2001 Hialeah Police Reunion.

Bardon taking his daily nap.

Bill and Modessa Samardak

Danny and Carmen Bucciante

Don Hopkins and Elmer Stocker

Andy Daimler and John Lake

Fred Parrott & Deannie & Gene Salle

Jackie Griffin and Mike Bray

F. Parrott, The Salles, S. Young

Dick and Suzan Jarvis

Jeannie & Fred Parrott

Joe Elizarde, Larry SanFillipo & Judy Williams

Leo Thalassites and Family

Steve Lublinski

Gail & Tom Bardon, & Bob Griffin

Larry Kropff & Ernie Izquierdo

Riling, Leggett, Jesse and G.Salle

Paul Gentesse & Mike Russo

Larry Kropff and Danny Birkenstock

John Williams

Tom Nevins & Phil Santiago

Ron Cox & Marilyn

Joe & Addie Gschwind

Simmons, Fitzpatrick, Al Dorcas, Bray


Harriet Hameetman

Jarvis's, Tony Angulo, R.N.Jordan

Tom & Karen Chamberlain, & Stacy Cichewicz

Sterling Young & Bob Griffin

Kathy Birkenstock & Ann Kropff

Tom Nevins & Ernie Izquierdo