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Title: A Moment to Last My Life Through

Author: Tinnean

Fandom: Laura

Pairing: Laura Hunt/Diane Redfern

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimers: Not mine, never were, never will be. They belong,
first and foremost to Vera Caspary. And secondly to the fantastic
screenwriters of 20th Century Fox.

Summary: What really happened the night Diane Redfern was

Series/Sequel: No, but there's a connection with That Sunday,
That Summer

Warning: f/f

Note: if you read the book or saw the movie, you know what the
story is; if you didn't, then I guess you'll have no clue what's
going on. Read it as PWP. This is my first attempt at f/f. If it
doesn't meet with approval, well, I really don't care, so there!

A Moment to Last My Life Through

Waldo Lydecker, her friend and mentor sat in his usual chair, never giving a thought to the fact that Laura might have liked it for herself. He always did what he chose, made the decisions he thought best for everyone else. 

Opposite him sat Mark McPherson, a lean, dark, well-built detective whom she found quite attractive. He had been assigned the investigation of her murder. 

Only, it wasn’t her murder. She had been away, at her country retreat. Another woman had opened her apartment door, and had met a shotgun blast to the face. 

Laura could see he was unwilling to accept at face value that she was totally innocent. He met her statement that she had spent the weekend working in her garden with disbelief, that she had been unaware of the state of affairs in her Fifth Avenue apartment because her radio had been broken with blatant disdain, and demanded to know if her whereabouts could be verified. 

Of course they could, she assured him. Of course! 

“Why was Diane Redfern in your apartment, Miss Hunt?” 

Laura jumped and studied her tightly clenched hands. 

Waldo looked on with malicious interest. 


She couldn’t tell them what happened after she had let the beautiful model into her apartment. Diane Redfern had fallen apart in her arms, sobbing hysterically. Her mascara was smudged, but for some reason, that only made her look lovelier. 

Laura stroked her long auburn hair back from her face and tipped up her pointed little chin. Although as an advertising executive Laura had more status than the lingerie model, she was drawn to Diane in her despair. She helped the other woman to the sofa and made sure she was seated comfortably. 

”Here, take my handkerchief and dry your eyes. I’ll make you a cup of tea, and once you’re a little more settled, I’ll fix us something to eat.” 

”You know how to cook?” 

Laura had wryly smiled at the model. “Mother always listened sympathetically to my grandiose plans for a fabulous career, and then taught me a new recipe!” 

She filled two Wedgwood China teacups with Earl Grey and settled them on the piecrust table that she had purchased at Waldo’s urging. Laura had never particularly liked the little table, but to please her old friend, she made sure it was in a place of prominence. 

Too often she had acceded to the older man’s wishes, denying her own taste in clothes and furnishings. And men. But that was at an end. Waldo’s participation in the destruction of her engagement was the final straw. Granted, Shelby Carpenter was not the most trustworthy of men, but what Waldo had done, had been doing since she first met him, was despicable! 

”Miss Hunt, you look so sad!” Diane Redfern had said gently, moving to sit closer to Laura. “Is there anything I can do to help you?” 

Laura marveled at the kindness of the model. “You would help me, even though you know Shelby will eventually leave you for me?” 

Diane nodded, accepting the reality of the world she lived in. “Men like Shelby will continue to come along, claiming to love me, but they’ll always return to their wives or their mothers, or whoever holds the purse strings!” 

”You are a realist!” Laura admired the kind of fortitude it took to get through life the best way one knew how. “Can’t you find another line of work?” 

Diane shook her head and began to cry again. “I had to quit school before I graduated, and now this is all I know!” She swallowed a sob. “I know I’m going to lose my looks eventually, and then I’ll have nothing to fall back on, and sometimes, I get so scared! But I don’t know what else to do. I really thought Shelby loved me!” 

Laura took her handkerchief back and dried the tears. “I’m so sorry, Diane. If I thought it would do any good, I’d give him to you. But Shelby is a very expensive pleasure.” 

The younger woman raised her absurdly long lashes, confusion plain in her beautiful violet eyes. Laura shook her head. As worldly as Diane liked to believe herself, she was just a babe in the woods when up against the wolves that Laura dealt with on a daily basis. 

“I imagine Shelby will find a wealthy older woman to keep him in the style to which his family let him grow accustomed. Possibly someone like my Aunt Susan. She’s quite taken with the man.” 

Diane worried the lush fullness of her ripe lower lip with perfect white teeth. An unexpected surge of unexpected desire speared through the other woman, and she felt herself grow warm and moist. Surreptitiously, she rubbed her thighs together, and found that only made matters worse. 

The model saw the wild flush that swept Laura’s cheeks, and wondered at it. She did not seem to be the type of woman who shied from a little plain speaking. “Miss Hunt?” she whispered uncertainly. 

“Please, call me Laura.” She had experienced these forbidden feelings before, but always had felt the need to stifle them. Now it suddenly occurred to her that it was unnecessary to deny this part of herself. 

She put her arm around Diane’s shoulders and drew her close to her, pressing a kiss to the silken strands of her beautiful auburn hair. 

“Laura?” Excitement was rampant in the violet eyes gazing so deeply into her own. “Can I…can I kiss you?” She leaned away from the other woman to better observe her reaction. 

“I don’t know,” Laura teased. “*Can* you?” 

Diane’s breath caught in her throat, and then the most magnificent smile lit up her face. Tentatively, she touched Laura’s hair with trembling fingers, and then brought their mouths into soft contact. 

The kiss was warm and dry, and lasted seconds. They regarded each other carefully. Diane hadn’t much experience with tender kisses. The men she knew just wanted to get into her panties as quickly as they could, shoving their tongues into her mouth as they wanted to shove their cocks into her body. But she knew how she would like to be kissed, and so she took her courage in both hands and leaned forward to line her mouth up with Laura’s. 

Laura’s lips were soft and moist, and Diane pulled back in surprise. The other woman smiled into her eyes, and slowly ran her tongue over her lips again tasting the sweetness of Diane’s lip rouge. Diane caught her breath sharply, and then pulled Laura into her embrace. She would not use her tongue, not yet, not until she had Laura writhing in her arms, desperate to get closer, her moans filling the younger woman’s mouth. 

But Laura grew too impatient to humor the lovely model any longer. She took control of the kiss, sliding her tongue past the ridges of Diane’s straight, white teeth. She licked delicately at her tongue before withdrawing back into her own mouth. Diane whimpered needily and thrust her tongue after the lure of Laura’s. 

The kiss escalated in heat and passion. 

Then Laura took Diane’s hand and pressed it to the notch of her thighs. She was so …*hot*! She needed to be touched. 

Diane encouraged her to spread her legs further apart to accommodate her questing fingers. The beautiful model marveled that someone as sophisticated as Miss Hunt…as Laura, would allow a little nobody such as herself to pleasure her. 

She slid her hand under the calf-length skirt and eased it up until it pooled around Laura’s thighs. Diane ran her thumbnail over the crotch of Laura’s panties, which were fast becoming moist with her desire. The model smiled and edged a finger under the material.


Laura jolted as the unfamiliar touch drove her excitement higher. She had always known there was more to the act of making love than what her numerous fiances allowed her, and now, here was the woman who had tried to steal one of them, giving her such pleasure she thought she might die from it. 

“Oh, God! Diane, I need to feel more!” 

Carefully, the model pressed a red-tipped nail against the spot, pleased with the moans she was drawing forth from the other woman. She licked her throat and settled her lips to suckle the elegant curve. “Do you like this, Laura?” 

Laura wriggled uncomfortably, wanting, needing more contact. “Please, Diane!” 

She inserted a finger into Laura’s hot passageway, continuing to stroke the little knot of nerves concealed by her amber curls. Laura pushed against them, clearly wanting more. 

Diane was delighted. She looked around and spotted a scissor on Laura’s writing desk. Laura moaned a protest when Diane removed her hand, but the other woman smiled at her reassuringly. “I’ll take care of you Laura. Let me, won’t you? Just stay like that, and I’ll make you feel so good, I promise!” 

She was thrilled that the sophisticated woman trusted her enough to follow her directions. Laura kept her legs spread, and watched with fevered eyes as Diane went to get the scissors. 

Laura’s breath caught as the model brought the sharp implement close to sensitive flesh. Diane eased the metal between Laura’s thighs, and Laura shivered as the cool steel touched her. There was a hushed snip, and then a rush of air bathed her as the material of her panties was severed. 

Diane placed the scissors carefully aside, and then placed her hands on Laura’s knees, pushing them apart so she could better see the flushed swollen lips of the other woman’s femininity. She dipped her head and licked delicately at the moisture that was gathering there. 

But her goal was the little nub hidden in the folds. Her tongue curled around it and tugged lightly. Laura stiffened and began panting. She thrust herself at the mouth that alternated between licks and nips. And when Diane finally bit down gently, and thrust two fingers into Laura’s clinging passage, the other woman gave a keening cry and began to convulse. 

Diane sat back on her heels, smiling proudly into the other woman’s sated eyes. “You liked what I did to you?” 

Laura raised her head and smiled back sleepily. “Yes, I did, Diane. Thank you. That was marvelous.” 

The other woman looked sad. “You have to leave now, don’t you? I’d better go.” 

“Stay, Diane. I …don’t need to be anywhere immediately. Spend the night with me. Tomorrow, we’ll go to my country place. But tonight, I want you in my bed!” 

The model was thrilled by the offer. She leaned up and kissed Laura, a hot, openmouthed kiss, far different from the first one they had shared. 

Laura tasted herself on the other woman’s tongue, and shuddered in rising excitement. “I want to do this again, in my bed!” 

She rose gracefully and unhurriedly went about the apartment, turning off the lights. Then giggling like a schoolgirl, she seized Diane’s hand and pulled her along behind her into her plush, ultra feminine bedroom.

Slowly, they undressed each other, taking the time to fondle nipples that pebbled with passion, to stroke the indent of narrow waists, to tease the curls at the apex of trembling thighs. 

Laura was determined to pleasure the beautiful model this time, and she insisted Diane lay down and spread her legs wide. Auburn tresses spilled over the satin pillows on Laura’s bed. Diane’s breathing was ragged and tremulous. 

Before Laura could settle herself between Diane’s lush thighs, the doorbell rang. Both women froze. 

Diane looked at Laura with stricken eyes. “Shelby knows I’m here!” 

Laura made a moue. “Well, we definitely don’t want him horning in on our fun! Put on my peignoir and tell him you can’t see him tonight! God knows he must have done that to you plenty of times!”

Diane’s worried frown eased into a smile so lovely it took Laura’s breath away. She watched covetously as the leggy model selected an ivory lace and silk peignoir and slid into a matching pair of mules. They tapped rhythmically across the floor. 

Laura lay back on the bed, folding her arms under her head, reveling in her nudity. She heard Diane open the door. 

And then she heard the gunshot.


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