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Title: Blue Collar II  

Author/pseudonym: Tinnean  

Fandom: Original  

Pairing: Jay/Samson/Hercules/Hamlet/Jamal, Ronnie/Jamal/Hercules/Samson  

Rating: NC-17  

Status: new/complete  

Date: 5/03  

Series/Sequel: In spite of what I said at the time, this is the sequel to… (wait for it!) Blue Collar.                        

Summary: Jay is feeling down. He gets a visit that cheers him enormously.  

Warnings: sheer smut. m/m, m/f, m/m/m, m/f/m, bestiality, mild spanking  

Notes: This is for DJ, who was so kind as to enjoy the first story and who wanted a follow-up. Thanks to Gail for the encouragement and the beta.


Blue Collar II

Part 1/1


Things were going from bad to worse between me and my wife.  

On our anniversary she'd had someone come over to fulfill one of my most secret fantasies, having a black man fuck the two of us.  

I'd thought she'd arranged that little surprise out of … well, if not love, then fondness. I was starting to wonder.  

She'd really enjoyed being fucked by the big, black man who masqueraded as a plumber. Maybe even more than I had.  

I usually worked from home, but my boss had been required to go to the West Coast and deal with things in our LA facility, so for the last few weeks I'd been going into the office.  

Things were quiet at work, and I decided to take the afternoon off. I thought I'd change and maybe see if I could find some interesting porn on the Net.  

Ronnie wasn't likely to be home; she was probably out hitting the malls. If there was anything my wife loved more than shopping, I had yet to learn about it.  

It was just as well. Lately our sex life had been less than satisfactory. I got better orgasms with Rosy Palm and her five sisters.  

I wandered into the bedroom. It was pristine, the comforter on our king size bed a smooth sea of pale blue with lace ruffles that frothed around the bed skirt, the pillows and shams fluffed and placed just so. The clothes I had left in a pile the night before were gone, in the hamper no doubt. A shower sounded like a good idea, and I toed off my shoes and stripped off my suit.  

I went into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and adjusted the water temperature, then stepped into the stall and poured some liquid soap onto the loofah.  

It felt good on  my dick, which was starting to harden nicely. I toyed with it, letting the water beat down onto the head and the underside of my shaft. Then I lathered up a finger and gently circled my ass hole before pushing in. It was a little awkward. I bent at the waist and inserted two fingers. My dick was so hard now that it was slapping against my belly. I wanted more though. I rinsed off quickly, shut off the water, and grabbed a towel.  

I wasn't even completely dry as I hurried back into the bedroom. At the back of my underwear drawer was a video tape that Ronnie didn't know about. I put it into the TV/VCR combo and turned on the television that was mounted on the wall. Then I found the vibrator that was hidden in my sock drawer. This one was mine. Ronnie had given me a taste of it on our anniversary, and shortly after, I'd ordered one off the Net. It was a big one, about two inches thick and eight inches long, and I was looking forward to breaking it in. I lubed it up.  

I yanked the comforter off the bed. Ronnie would be unfit to live with if I got semen stains all over it. I positioned myself so I could see the TV screen,  with the man shown on his hands and knees, being fucked by a German Shepherd. My dick was really hard. I pulled my legs back to my chest and slid the vibrator slowly, teasingly, into my ass until the tip was lodged against my prostate. I turned it on, and little zings of electricity ran through my dick. I couldn't prevent a happy moan.  

"Well, well. What's this?"  

Oh, fuck. Ronnie. Why had she chosen now to come home? I closed my eyes in mortification.  

"Looks like the white boy wants to play bitch, sweet thing. Should Jamal  let him have what he wants?"  

My eyes flew open. "Jamal?" I croaked. The big, black plumber who had fucked my brains out?  

"Yeah. And we got a surprise for you."  

"We?" I winced as I pulled the vibrator out of my ass.  

"Oh, yeah, Jay." Casually, my wife stripped off her clothes. Beneath the snug jeans and cropped top, she wore a red lace thong, and a matching bra that was so low cut her aureoles were clearly visible. "Let me introduce you to Samson and Hercules."  

Two black man, almost as large as Jamal, lounged against the door. "We're gonna have us a good time, man."  

"He wants it. Look. His dick is even harder!"  

"He's gonna come soon by the looks of it, Jammy," Ronnie gloated. "Then you'll have to punish him!"  

"You'd like that, wouldn't you, little girl? Well, we don't want Jay to come too soon and spoil the party, do we? Come here!"  

The stern tone of voice got to me, and I stood and approached him shakily. Jamal pulled out a metal cockring. He slid it over the flushed crown of my dick and down the length of my shaft until it nestled against the thin strip of pubic hair that I hadn't removed when I'd shaved the rest of it. He ran a hand over my ass.  

"On the bed, on your hands and knees, white boy. Spread 'em nice and wide for Samson. He gonna ride you first."  

I rushed to obey him. Behind me I heard the rustling of clothing. The bed dipped as the first of the black man got behind me. He pushed my head down, which left my ass high in the air. Hard hands parted my ass cheeks.  

"You got a pretty, pink hole, Jay." He fingered it, lube easing the way. "I'm gonna like stretching you so wide you'll think you're gonna split!" Blunt and relentless, Samson's slicked cock began to push into me. He felt huge, even larger than the vibrator, and I groaned. "I'm gonna fuck you hard, white boy, gonna get you ready for something you'd never imagine!"  


There was a stinging slap to my ass. "I didn't say you could talk, white boy," Jamal snapped. "Looks like you need something to keep your mouth busy. Hercules."  

The second black man had muscles on top of muscles. He looked as if he'd spent his entire adult life working out. Wiry black curls covered his chest, then dipped down in a thin line. From the thatch that flared out over his groin, his dick stood proud and hard, the vein on the underside pulsing with life.  

"Open wide." Hercules pulled my head up, and my lips parted in shock. He took advantage of that to shove his dick into my mouth. He was already leaking pre come, and his taste filled my mouth. I closed my eyes and hummed happily.  

"You are a slut, Jay!" Ronnie sneered. "You'll take anything to fill you up; a dick in your mouth, a dick in your ass!"  

"That'll be about enough out of you, little girl!" Jamal growled, and I opened my eyes. Somehow he'd gotten naked, and his body was as glorious as I'd remembered. "I want me some of what you got between your legs." With an easy snap, he tore apart the thong and tossed it aside. He spun my wife around, and his big hands spanned her narrow waist, then reached up to fondle her breasts. He tugged the cups of her bra down, and lush flesh spilled into his hands.  

Ronnie's nipples were hard, and Jamal caught them between his fingers and tugged sharply. She whimpered and arched back against him. He laughed, and his other hand dipped down to caress her muff.  

"Fuck me, Jammy. I want to feel your big, black cock in my cunt while Jay gets his ass fucked!"  

"I got more in mind for you, little girl!"  

From the way they were standing, I could see the black man's equipment, his big cock and low-hanging balls, between my wife's silky thighs. He bent his knees and then rose, and his cock disappeared into her. She let out a high-pitched, breathless shriek, and my dick quivered. I sucked harder at the cock in my mouth, and bucked back onto the cock in my ass. Ronnie was right, I was a slut.  

I reached past Hercules' balls and ran my finger over his anus, pushing hard against the sphincter. He grunted and yanked my hair.  

"Don't you be gettin' no ideas, white boy. I come when I'm good and ready!"

"You ready, Herc?" Samson gasped. "Because I'm about to blow!"  

"Go ahead. This boy's mouth is too sweet to do anything but take my time!"  

Samson groaned, and I felt a heated rush in my bowels as he shot his load into me.  

"Watch what you're doing!" Ronnie yelled petulantly. "You're going to get come all over my sheets!"  

"Jamal, can't you find something that will keep her mouth shut?"  

"Oh, yeah." There was pleasure in his voice. Ronnie whined when he pulled out of her. "Hush, little girl. Jamal got something real special for you!"  

He backed up and sat down on the bench at my wife's vanity, much as he had the first time he'd been in our apartment. He put his thighs inside hers and parted them, forcing her to spread her legs as wide as she could. His hands gripped her ass cheeks and parted them, and he pulled her to him.  

I could see their reflections in the mirror of the vanity. Jamal was rimming her, licking her hole, penetrating it with his tongue. My wife gave a little gasp and wiggled her ass in his face. The big black man tongue-fucked her ass until she was moaning, her inhibitions about being touched in that spot vanished.  

"Want the Wet, 'mal?" Samson asked, and I wondered how he had the energy to speak coherently after the pounding he'd given my ass.  

"Thanks." Jamal caught the tube and squirted a liberal amount into his hand, coating his cock and smearing the remainder along my wife's crack. Then he pulled her down onto his cock, setting it right against her hot, tight ass hole.  

"No! No! I won't even let Jay fuck my ass!" she cried, but Jamal ignored her protests and shoved his length into her. His left hand held her on his lap, letting her become accustomed to the intruder in her ass, while his right delved into her pussy.  

"Like that, Ronnie-girl? Like my hand in your cunt, rubbing that thin bit of skin that's all that's separating my fingers from my cock?"  

Her cries and moans became frantic as he worked her clit with his thumb, and she began moving herself on his dick.  

I was so distracted by my wife ass-fucking herself on the black man's big cock that I almost forgot the dick in my mouth. Hercules had been enjoying the sight of what his friend was doing to her as well, and his movements had become lazy, but the vision of black cock sliding in and out of white ass became too much for him; he twisted his fingers in my hair and began a series of rapid, shallow thrusts. He roared his climax, and spurts of come hit the back of my throat.  

"That's it, white boy. Take it."  

I whimpered and obeyed, swallowing frantically so I wouldn't lose a drop.  

Jamal's arm around Ronnie's waist held her still. "Hush," he murmured when she whined she wanted more. "We still got that special treat for Jay."  

She lay back against him, her hair sweaty, and she brushed it out of her face. "Oh, yes. I'd almost forgot. You're going to love this, Jay!"  

My mouth was sore from the way Hercules had fucked it. I touched my tongue to my lips, tasting the remains of his come on them. "I haven't come yet. Please, let me come!"  

"You beg good, white boy. You're gonna come, just not yet. We got something real special for you. Herc, let him see who's gonna have a piece of his ass."  

At first I couldn't see, but I could hear. Clicking, like knitting needles, sounded across the hardwood floor of our bedroom. It was muffled when it came into contact with the scatter rugs Ronnie liked to  place around the room. I turned my head and felt my eyes widen.  

"Lay over the edge of the bed, straighten your legs, and get your ass up high, Jay."  

I did as I was ordered, shivering in anticipation.  

"Meet Hamlet."  

Warm fur brushed against my ass cheeks, and on either side of my shoulders on the bed were two sturdy brindle legs. The dog was horny as hell, and his hips jerked spasmodically as he tried to mount me. Something poked at my asshole, and the dog whined in frustration. The men laughed. It must have been Samson who guided the dog's dick to its target, holding it just outside my hole, preventing the dog from getting inside me. I needed to be fucked as badly as the dog needed to fuck, and we both growled. Samson laughed again and let go just as the dog gave a massive lunge and rammed into me, shoving me onto my belly on the bed. It stretched my back passage even more than Samson had, and I felt as if I was being spitted on the world's biggest dick.  

A long, pink tongue lolled  beside my face, and when I turned my head, the dog swept it across my cheek in a doggie caress. "Ronnie!"  

"Yeah, Jay. You're getting fucked by a Great Dane!"  

Hercules pushed my shoulders down to the mattress, and Samson jerked my hips up. Once again my ass was elevated, and the dog wrapped his forelegs around my waist. His hips began a jack-hammer motion, driving his long doggie dick into me, and I panted harshly. Hamlet kept slamming into my prostate, and my dick got harder and harder.  

"You like watching your hubby taking a dog's cock up his ass, Ronnie? You want to get ridden by a dog? Have dog cock in that hot pussy of yours? Or maybe in this sweet ass?" Abruptly he pulled out of her and laid her over his lap. Her fair skin stood out in sharp contrast to the lustrous ebony of his, and she rubbed herself shamelessly against his thigh. His hand came down on the taut globe of her ass, leaving a bright red hand print.  

"Oh!" She seemed to raise her ass as if begging for more. Jamal laughed deep in his throat and spanked her other cheek. She wriggled voluptuously, encouraging the rain of spanks that landed on her ass. "More! Jammy, I need you to give me more!"  

"And you call your husband a slut. Hercules, you got something you want to fill her mouth with? Samson, you recovered?"  

The other two black men went to stand on each end of my wife, one stuffing his cock in her mouth, the other in her pussy. And all the while, Jamal continued to spank her.  

They had forgotten about me, but Hamlet hadn't. His hips worked to shove his dick as deep into my rectum as he could, and suddenly I felt unbelievable pressure as his knot pushed against my sphincter. I knew it wasn't a good idea to tie with the dog, but before I could pull away from him, he rammed that knot into me, and I grunted from the force. He began to pump his sperm into my bowels, so much and so deep I would have sworn I tasted it.  

"Please." I whined and whimpered, still unable to come because of the cockring I wore. "Please." But the men were too busy playing with my wife to pay me any attention.  

Hamlet dismounted from the bed and turned, and we were tied ass to ass. He stood still, and  I was thankful because I knew that if he tried to pull his knot out of me just then, he'd rip me apart. His sperm continued to fill me, the warmth of it feeling so good that I almost wished I were his bitch, and that he were impregnating me.  

Sudden sharp cries signaled Ronnie's climax. Her ass was reddened, she wiggled wildly on Jamal's lap, and she sucked voraciously on the cock in her mouth, as if it was a lollipop she couldn't get enough of. Samson held onto her hips and filled her with his spunk as the dog was filling me.  

"Jamal, you haven't come yet," Ronnie murmured as she lay bonelessly across his lap. A dribble of semen ran from the corner of her mouth, and she caught it on the tip of her tongue.  

"Clean up Hamlet and Ronnie. I'm taking Jay into the bathroom."  

The two black men helped my wife to her feet, and one of them carried her to the bed, where he laid her out like a sacrifice, arms and legs out flung. He fondled her breasts and toyed with her clit. Between one breath and the next she was sound asleep, a satisfied smile on her face.  

The other led the dog away from me, and I tensed, but his knot had shrunk enough for his dick to slide out of me with surprisingly little pain. His doggy come gushed out of me and ran down the backs of my thighs.  

Jamal had gotten a towel, which he held against my crack, and he took me back into the bathroom and shut the door.  

"What are you going to do to me now?"  

He nodded toward the enema bag and nozzle that hung behind the door. "Kneel down. Jamal's gonna take care of his boy."  

"I have to come!" I crouched on the plush rug that covered the floor and turned a pleading face to him. "Please let me come!"  

"All in good time," he soothed as he filled the bag with warm water and covered the nozzle with Vaseline. "You ready, Jay?"  

I nodded and held my breath. I was a little sore from the battering I'd taken from the dog, but the long piece of plastic entered my rectum painlessly. I crossed my forearms on the rug and rested my head on them. I could have fallen asleep, except I still needed to come. Jamal released the catch, and the water flowed into me. I spread my legs and bowed my back.  

"That's my good boy." Broad palms stroked the curve of my ass, calming me, and then blunt nails scratched gently over my balls, stimulating me. I shivered. "I'm not gonna put in a retention plug, not this time."  

"There's going to be a next time?"  

"Yeah, white boy. I like having your pretty missus, and I like having you. So do my homeys."

I moaned, and my dick quivered. It had been drooling a steady stream of pre come.  

"Good boy," he petted my ass again. "You took the whole thing without complaining." He eased the nozzle out of me and helped me to the john. "Hamlet likes you, I could tell. Do you like my dog? Remember, the last time I promised he'd have you."  

"I want to…"  

"What, white boy? You want him to fuck you again?"  

"I want to suck him." I could feel the heat in my cheeks.  

"Good. That's why I had Hercules clean him up. You done, boy? Let's go."  

He led me back into the bedroom. Ronnie was still sound asleep, her mouth open, dainty snores issuing from her lips.  

"We wore her out, Jamal."  

"Looks like we did. Good work. Why don't you take her into the living room and put her on the couch? See what you can get up to there."  

They grinned and carried her into the other room. I kept licking my lips nervously, wondering if I was really going to be allowed to suck the big dog.  

Jamal snapped his fingers, and Hamlet jumped onto the bed. The dog must have known what was going to happen, because he rolled over onto his back.  

"I'm gonna take the cockring off, but if you come too soon, I'm gonna whip your ass worse than I did Ronnie's."  

The relief of having the cockring removed almost caused me to come, but somehow I stopped myself.  

"Get on the bed, Jay, on your hands and knees over Hamlet."    

I climbed on the bed. The dog's long pink dick had slid out of its sheath, and I opened my mouth and dragged my tongue over the tip. For the first time I tasted dog.  

I wrapped my arms around him and held him so I could get as much of him in my mouth as I could. My lips were stretched wide, and I couldn't take his entire length, but I relaxed my throat and began bobbing my head up and down. I would have liked experiencing his knot in my mouth, but since it didn't seem possible, I just enjoyed going down on the Great Dane.  

"All right, that's enough!"  

I whined a protest, wanting the dog to come in my mouth, but a slap on my flank from the black man reminded me he was in charge.  

"On your back and pull your legs as far back as you can." His blunt fingers, slicked with lube, pushed into me, stretching me wide. He scraped over my prostate, and a flush of sexual heat covered my body.  

"More, Jamal. Please, more!"  

He snapped his fingers, and I wondered if he was going to let the dog fuck me again, and I panted in excitement. And then Jamal's hard cock pressed against my anus, and he felt even more huge than Samson, more huge than the dog.  

His hands gripped my ankles, and he spread me like a wishbone. I was at the  mercy of the cock that was skewering me.  

My head was arched back, and I didn't see the dog approach me. His smooth tongue snaked out and licked my dick, from the root to the crown, tasting the pre come that was oozing onto my belly. He licked once, twice, and I cried out and began to shoot streams of come onto my chest. Hamlet nonchalantly lapped them up.  

I clamped down on the cock plowing into my ass, and the black man howled and shot his wad.  

I must have lost consciousness, because the next thing I knew, Jamal was dressed and snapping the lead onto his dog's collar.  

"I like your ass, Jay," he grinned at me. "I like it even better than your wife's pussy. You want to play again, get in touch with me. As your missus knows, we take Discover now, as well as MasterCard and Visa. " He handed me a business card.  

I put it on my dresser, grabbed my robe and limped after him. Hercules and Samson were already dressed. They sat on the couch with my wife between them. One was rubbing her feet while the other massaged her scalp. She purred like a sated kitten.  

The men and dog left, and I stared down at my wife. There was whisker burn all over her pale skin, and her nipples were chafed and reddened.  

"Why'd you do this, Ronnie?"  

"We seemed to be… drifting apart. I thought this might help."  

"And did it?"  

Her response wasn't quite a non sequitor. "Samson and Hercules want to come back again."  

"So does Jamal."  

"And Hamlet?"  

I nodded.  

"How'd you like having a dog fuck you?"  

"It was awesome, Ronnie. I've never felt anything like it."  

She smiled, a Cheshire cat smile.  

"So," I asked, "was it worth having a dick in your ass?"  

She cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples, making them even redder. "I had no idea what I was missing!"  

Ronnie tossed me a tube of Wet, then got up to walk around to the back of the couch and bend over it. I dropped my robe and coated my dick with the lube, and admired the hand prints that stood out on her white cheeks.  

Maybe next time I'd be the one across the big, black man's lap.



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