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Original Slash

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Title: Blue Collar 

Author/pseudonym: Tinnean 

Fandom: Original (how’d that happen?) 

Pairing: Jay/Jamal, Ronnie/Jamal 

Rating: NC-17 

Disclaimer: These are mine, all mine! 

Status: new/complete 

Date: 7/01 

Series/Sequel: oh, please! The on-going adventures of a horny computer programmer? Nnnnno.

Summary: Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you… Oops, sorry.  A white-collar worker is paid a special visit by a blue-collar worker. 

Warnings: This is strictly PWP, and not my usual style. I’m serious! It was written for a friend and takes into account a few of his fantasies, as well as some of mine. It includes het and implied bestiality, as well as m/m.  

Note: Thanks to Gail for the beta, and to Page for the encouragement.


Blue Collar

Part 1/1


Lunch was long past, but there were still a few hours till dinner. I was working at home, downloading a program that seemed to take forever. I got up to get some chips, poked around in the kitchen a bit, changed my mind, and now I was about to sit down at the computer again. 

The doorbell chimed, and I paused, but my wife was out, and there was no one else to answer it. I looked through the peephole, barely able to make out the face that was before it. 

"Yes?" I asked hesitantly. 

"It's the plumber. You got a problem with your pipes, man?" 

My wife had said something about the clog in the drain. "Oh, sure. Just a minute." I unlocked the door, and the plumber walked in. 

He was a big, black man, about the size of the actor who played John Coffey in The Green Mile. My mouth went dry, but he just gave me a bored look. "Where's the problem, man?" 

"Oh, um, the master bath. It's this way." The bathroom was reached by going through the master bedroom, and I could feel him right behind me. The hairs on the nape of my neck tightened, and my cock started to swell. I wanted him to be finished with his job so I could be alone to jerk off. He was what I dreamed about, although I couldn't picture him telling me to strip naked and climb on the bed. 

I suddenly realized he had stopped following me, and I turned to see why. He had set down the toolbox and was standing there, staring at me. "Get your clothes off, and get on the bed, white boy!" 

"Excuse me?" 

His hands went to the buttons of the blue chambray work shirt he was wearing. "You deaf, short stuff? Get on that bed!" 

I swallowed and began tearing at my clothes. " do you want me?" I asked, kicking free of my pants. I felt as if my mouth was filled with cotton, and I hoped that soon it would be filled with something else. 

"On your hands and knees, sweet cheeks.” I scrambled onto the bed. “Oh, my, you do have a fine ass! I hear you been wanting to be fucked by a black man." 

How did he know that? Big, blunt fingers stroked down the crack of my ass and teased my hole, and my thoughts splintered. “Oh, yes!" I moaned. His other hand reached around and grabbed my cock, squeezing the base, the rough texture of his calluses exciting me. 

And then cool lube eased the way for an unbelievably large finger. I whimpered with need and backed onto it, needing to take it deeper. 

"You like that, pussy boy?" A hard hand slapped an ass cheek. "Tell me!" 

"Yes, please! Give me more! I want more!" 

"What do you want, boy?" 

"Fuck me! I want your big, black cock in my ass, fucking me through the mattress!" 

"You're a slut, Jay! I knew that!" 

I started as I saw my wife slip out of the bathroom. "Ronnie! I thought you had gone shopping!" 

She looked at me with a sneer on her pretty lips. "Sure you did! Did you think I'd let you have someone this fine come over and not have a piece of the action for myself?" 

"What...what are you talking about?" 

The black hand landed on my ass again, really hard. "Did I say you could talk, pussy boy? This fine little gal is going to watch while I fuck you, and then you're going to watch while I fuck her!" 

I shuddered, my cock starting to ooze precome. Two fingers were stroking my back passage now, curling to find my prostate, and I groaned and spread my legs further apart. "Harder!" I begged. 

The fingers were withdrawn, and the broad, flared head of his cock was introduced into my anus, stretching the ring of muscle that was the sphincter. It burned. And then he stopped. "Maybe that's all I'll give a wimpy little cocksucker like you." 

"No! Please! You have to give me more! Please!" I tried to buck backwards, needing to impale myself on his tool. 

"I really like seeing you beg, Jay, you know that?" Ronnie stripped off all her clothes and laid down next to me, her legs wide apart. I could see the moisture glistening over her folds, and then a black finger was teasing her slit and shoving into her. She groaned and raised her legs, exposing both openings. "Want to see him fuck my ass too, Jay? No, on second thought, I don't think you deserve that! Come on, you big, black buck! Finger me hard!" 

"Just what I like, white folks who know what the score is!" 

I was getting so close! "Please touch me!" I begged. 

He pulled his finger out of my wife, and she moaned her loss. But he grabbed my hips and held them still as he pounded into me, giving my prostate a work out like it had never had before. "You like having black cock up your ass, white boy? After I do your little honey here, I'm going to make you suck me off! And then I'm going to fuck your ass again!" 

I could feel him coming, filling my back passage with hot come. But before I could come too, he squeezed me again, and the need to shoot my load abated. He pulled out of my ass, and I winced at the sting. 

He slapped my butt again, then went into the bathroom to clean himself off. When he came out, I saw he was hard once more! I moistened my lips, looking forward to taking that morsel in my mouth and swallowing his come. 

But he sat down on the chair at my wife's vanity. "Come on, pretty thing, come sit on Jamal's lap and let's give your man a sight!" 

With a squeal of delight, she bounced off the bed and ran to the huge black man. He turned her around, so that she was facing me, and brought her hips down to his lap. I could see his cock, startlingly black against her pale legs, slide between the folds of her pussy. His hands cupped her breasts, and again the contrast was startling. 

He lifted her up, and I could see his cock glistening with my wife's moisture. She dropped down, moaning in pleasure as he filled her. Again and again he did that, and I watched helplessly, needing to come, needing to have his cock in my ass again. I was so hard I ached. 

His fingers plucked at her nipples, elongating them, and her breath hitched and gasped at the sensations. A look of exquisite pain crossed her face, and she began to come. 

She collapsed forward bonelessly, and he lifted her off. He was still hard. 

"Yeah, this is for you now, pussy boy!" He stood up, and I crawled across the bed to where he stood. His cock teased my cheek, leaving a smear of my wife's come across my lips. I opened my mouth wide, and he rammed it in. 

Frantically I licked at the tip, tasting the precome, and began to suck in earnest. He rocked forward, making me take in more and more of him. And suddenly I felt invaded from behind, as my wife pressed her vibrator to my anus and turned it on. The vibrations filled my ass as she worked it in and out, the black man's come making my passage really slick. I squeezed my inner muscles, and it felt good, but not nearly as good as the fat cock that had fucked me before. 

Jamal fucked my mouth while my wife fucked my ass. "You like this, pussy boy? You like being my bitch? Next time I'll bring my Great Dane and have him fuck your ass. Think you'll like having doggy dick in your ass? Then you'll be a bitch for real, and you'll beg me to do it again and again!" 

He pushed me back, and I toppled onto my side, my ass still filled with the hard rubber dildo. I licked my lips, which felt swollen, and my wife left me to climb all over the big, black plumber. 

"You're a hot bitch too!" he said as he finger-fucked her again. 

"Please," I whispered. "Please! I haven't come yet!" 

"You want me to let you come, white boy? You show me how much you want it! And you call me sir!" 

I whimpered and got back onto my hands and knees, resting my head on my arms, my ass high in the air.  "I want you to fuck me again, sir! I want your cock in my ass. And I want you holding my cock, and jerking me off. Please, oh please! I need to be fucked in the worst way!" 

And then the vibrator was pulled out of my anus and that big cock was shoving into me again. The black man set up a punishing rhythm, his balls slapping against mine, and his hands reached around to grab my dick. He fucked me good and hard, and he began to come at the same time I did, filling his hands with my semen. 

His fingers wound in my hair and he pulled my head back. "Lick my fingers clean, pussy boy, and maybe I'll come back and visit you again!" 

I tasted myself on his hands, and licked off every bit of come. He pulled out of me and I collapsed onto the bed. 

He slapped my ass. "You're a real good bitch, you know that, Sweetcheeks? I like fucking you. I like fucking you almost as much as I like fucking your wife. Next time, I'll bring my dog, and your little sweetie and I will get it on while we watch Nig make you his bitch!" 

Ronnie gave him an envelope and kissed his cheek. “Thanks, Jamal. Good job.” 

He grinned, momentarily slipping out of character as he counted the money in the envelope, then got dressed, picked up his tool kit and walked out the door. 

My wife patted her hand with the dildo. "Want some more, babe?" 

“Yes!” I moaned and shivered. “Please, I want him to come back.” 

She smiled at me and ruffled my hair. “Good boy.” She went back into the bathroom. “Happy anniversary, baby,” she called before shutting the door and leaving me alone on the bed. 

I yawned widely and glanced at the bedside clock. Damn. Had that download finished yet?