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1- You must be 18 or + to enter.

2- If you are a slave begging entrance is not required, begging to leave or go afk is.Go to the serving furs and perform nadu, describe in detail your kneel don't just say " kneels in nadu", then greet Masters (owner first), Mistresses and last slaves.

3- Avatars, bold or italic type are NOT allowed. Use blue or black for speech and dark pink ( for AOL ) purple ( for Yahoo ) for actions.

4- When entering a room always read the banner you will find informations about the owners if you need to beg to enter and sometimes the adress of the webpage where you will find useful informations about Gor. ( this rule for yahoo only )

5- Slaves observing will remain silent and are NOT allowed Bubble thoughts.

6- NO games or disrespect, this is Gor and not a D/s room, do not treat it as such. Non Goreans will be placed in ignore.

7- TA-SARDAR-GOR is a kill and force collar zone.

8- If you will need advise IM the Hall slaves

9- Trouble makers will be asked to leave. Those refusing will be placed on ignore.

10- No IMs are allowed without asking permission in the room first.

11- The owner will apply the rules and will always have the final say in any dispute.

12- First offenders will be warned, at a second offense you will be banned for that day, at continued offense you will be banned indefinitely.

13- Adhere to the rules or leave.


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